I have a heaviness within my heart. What I am seeing and hearing and reading about what is going on post-US Elections, is not human behaviour. People are under the influence of some supernatural, demonic forces. I have seen mothers beating up their children for "voting for Donald Trump in their schools' pretend elections"; I have seen people burning their perfectly fine shoes, because the shoe company had positive words to offer to the newly elected President. I have seen women in the streets calling for blood to flow. I have seen young people beating up old people they suspected of voting for Donald Trump.
       Please listen to me when I tell you, that you are the ones bringing a Nazi-style system into the nation! You accused Donald Trump of being Nazi, but you yourselves beat your own children, call for blood to flow, burn things, beat up the elderly, all because they are not like you! Nazi does not need to be white! Nazi today is found in the reflection of your face when you look into the mirror! You want to kill people, you want to hurt people, because they are not like you, because they do not think like you! Please, get the demons off of your backs before it is too late! Can you not open your eyes and see your actions? Even though how much you hate the newly elected President, you have to stop and stand there and realise in good reason, that what you are doing is wrong! Your actions are wrong!
       This is not the first time this has happened. Please, listen to me, open your eyes and listen to reason! During the 1200s to the mid 1500s, there was such a thing that we now call The Inquisition. During the time of The Inquisition, many many people were accused of malevolent demon-magic and witchcraft. People with Divine abilities were accused of "having intercourse with the devil" and "stealing and eating babies in their sleep"; they were accused of "dancing in the forest with faery demons" and "giving their souls to the Devil". The Inquisition was very real, no matter how funny it may sound to you, today, it was very real when it happened! Many, many people were sentenced to death due to hearsay! The rumors spread like wildfire and if you were even just suspected of being a witch based upon a mere rumor, the Inquisitors would come and would most likely take you to trial! Back in their day, witches were really bad people (based upon hearsay). According to rumors, they were baby-killers, they were devil-worshippers, they hurt people, they brought death and destruction wherever they would go! People hated them, because people lived in their own personal version of reality, where the rumors were all true! And so, people burned them, tortured them, despised them and publicly humiliated them. People actively sought them out to hurt them.
       Right now, I am formally studying The Inquisition through a course on Coursera on Medieval Magic. The course does not teach you magic, but, the course teaches the history of magic, from the perspective of the historian. This is a topic that I am studying in-depth and I know what I am saying, when I say that what we are seeing now is extremely similar to what once was. You may say that people have the grounds to hate Donald Trump and his supporters, with such a vile, personal hate, due to what he represents; but they could say the same about the witches of old, too! In their minds, they had plenty of evidence and very good reasons to wish death upon all of the witches and all of their kind!
       Of course, the ones demon-possessed were not the witches, rather, the ones influenced by such a demon-like possession of hate, were the Inquisitors, themselves! The ones who tortured others and burned others at the stake, for the mere presumption of sins!
       Open your eyes! While the sins of the "other side" are merely presumptions; your sins are in action, right now, you are doing it! You are doing exactly what you wanted to prevent from the "other side"!
       It is not normal to be presumed guilty until proven innocent. One must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. BEWARE! You are all falling into injustice, into hysteria, into absolute pandemonium!

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