I Teach The Rabbit


       The medicine to fear, these days, is a dose of reality! Because these days the reality is far worse than the disembodiment of the ideal. People today are afraid of the disembodiment of the ideal, because they think the ideal is the reality. A rabbit that does not know it lives in the ground with snakes, is constantly afraid of the sea hawk possibly finding its way to land, to destroy the rabbit's meadowy existence. In the meadow, living in fear of the sea hawk, not knowing the hole in the ground next to its burrow belongs to a snake. I show the rabbit where the snakes are, thus eliminating its hazardous fear. Misplaced fear is hazardous fear. Fear well placed is a skill for survival.
       They have taught the rabbit to never feel fear; instead, they have taught the rabbit to dream. Dream of your meadow: you are in your meadow; dream of the sea: the sea is right next to you; dream of the sea hawk: it is your enemy, it lives in the sea and you live in the meadow but if you dream hard enough, it will never pass your meadow. They have not taught the rabbit that the other holes in the ground do not all belong to rabbits, but some belong to snakes! They have not taught the rabbit that the meadow is nestled in between hills, the sea is far away! They have taught the rabbit a dream, and to dream the dream very hard. They have taught the rabbit never to fear, only to dream.
       I teach the rabbit to see the holes, some belong to other rabbits, but others belong to snakes. I teach the rabbit that the meadow is nestled between hills, the sea hawk is far away. The nightmare that the rabbit was taught to dream away, will never happen. Because the meadow is not where the rabbit thinks it is. But the reality that exists around it, is far worse than the nightmare, for it is there and it is real and the rabbit has not been taught to see the snakes. I tell the rabbit not to fear all things, but to fear some things. 
       The meadow is still beautiful, the flowers are all around! The reality is still a wondrous one! But the meadow is not beside the sea and in the ground there are many snakes. 

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