The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Lilly Burchstead

I would like you all to meet Lilly Burchstead. Lilly works at Paramount Pictures, Hollywood. Here, she shares all about her experience reading my book, The Conversation of Dragons. I am so sure that you will be awe-inspired by what she has to say:

"The Conversation of Dragons is a magical, mystical, supernatural book. Because of this, I would highly recommend to read the first two books of the series before reading this one. The Conversation of Dragons is my favorite book of the three. It is the strongest and most powerful and has challenged me the most. The book has taken me to places that I have not visited before.

This book will reveal yourself (who you truly are), to find and accept your uniqueness and celebrate others’ uniqueness. It discusses family, guilt, regret, kindness, gratitude, misconceptions of love and hate, misunderstanding of darkness, light, and more. It will light your life. If this book is for you, you will find the answers that you have been asking yourself (your inner self). You will be able to understand and appreciate your inner qualities and to acknowledge your element. It explains how the elements affect each other and how their distinctiveness allows life to be possible without the search of 'oneness'.

C. JoyBell C. always amazes me with her writing as if she senses, feels and knows what we have been through, the understanding of our past, our present and what our next chapter is. The Conversation of Dragons is a deep conversation with a loving, wise, older, pure, strong, beautiful, protective soul. You feel her strength and see all the colors of her flame.

The book presents the Creed of Dragons which teaches you their characters. It is different from other Creeds you might have read, however, it might feel very familiar to you. It describes the Dragons’ beliefs, values, honor, word, their truth. The Creed fortifies you and guides you on how to control and balance your emotions (to master your flame). It reminds you that Dragons are 'Pure of Heart' but they are also warriors, protectors, visionaries — they guard and protect their treasures. They defend their truth even if they are standing alone. This is the beauty of the Dragon.

The book is written in a way that you will understand if it is meant for you. It is a book that you will live, that goes beyond words and takes you to a very physical journey. It brings powerful manifestations. It is essential to share this so you know what you can experience while reading the book. I truly believe this is the difference of this third book. It is a journey of examining, analyzing, understanding, living our spiritual and physical capacities that we didn’t realize we had or that were possibly dormant. You will also discover or accept your intuitive power and let it be manifested in your life. While you are experiencing this, you feel the presence of a guide. You are not alone on your path. It has been quite a nonstop month for me while reading the book. It has been challenging: reliving emotions, situations, loss, chaos and noise all while in search of silence. It will reveal the true characters of people that you know, as well, but you will have the strength to be able to deal, cope and adjust just like FIRE. I didn’t stop reading the book while this was happening. On the contrary, I loved the feeling of the awakening of my dragon, the strength, the growth, the brightness, the warmth and softness of my flame. For those of us that are Dragons, you will meet your Dragon and understand your flame."

I asked Lilly for a bio and she wrote it in her own words, in first person. I'd like you to get to know her better:

"I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a Finance Manager at Paramount Pictures. I have worked at Paramount for almost 13 years. I have been fortunate to work with incredible people who have become mentors, friends and family. I have a beautiful daughter who inspires me every day.

I am involved with Mixed Roots Foundation and a proud ambassador. Mixed Roots is a nonprofit organization. 2016 is our 5 year anniversary. Mixed Roots collaborates with individuals, businesses and organizations to promote and support organizations, create awareness and inspire future generations touched by adoption and foster care to achieve their dreams and goals. It educates and inspires the greater community about the importance of knowing and embracing your own identity of being mixed roots including your biological, cultural, and spiritual roots which ultimately makes up and brings together the diversity in the community. November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Mixed Roots has officially launched GAGP (Global Adoptee Genealogy Project) this month. GAGP is collaboratively project to help adoptees and their families discover their biological and cultural roots via DNA testing and search and reunion resources.

My friend and I produced Stars Are Already Dead. It is an independent film that will be released soon. The film is about hope, faith and light.

Click here to find out more about Mixed Roots Foundation and GAGP. "

Lilly is a Fire Keeper! Be a Fire Keeper like Lilly! 😊

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