The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Toula Fanariotou

Today, I would like you to meet Toula Fanariotou. Toula is a peach farmer and an English teacher living in Greece. Read what she has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

"My grandpa was a father to me, and over the years, we used to go and sit under a nut tree in our yard and have endless conversation about, well, anything. My grandpa wasn’t educated, but he was a wise man. So, through our conversations he was trying to teach me life. His motto was, “always live with dignity, never tolerate injustice and try to protect those weaker than you”. While reading The Conversation of Dragons, it was like sitting under that tree again with a beloved person and having conversations, while looking at the wildflower field in front of us. Deep inside of me, those conversations felt familiar, so they helped me see more clearly when my vision was blurred, made me see behind a curtain of uncertainty, made me remember who I am, made me have a little precious time with the memory of my grandpa.

The Conversation of Dragons is not just a book, it is a unique guide to my inner self. Reading it was almost a ritual to me: making tea and starting to read it. Pure magic. Sometimes, I read it aloud for the girls to listen and to feel what I felt, to learn what I learnt through this amazing book. While reading it, it made me rediscover my stronger, wiser, better self. It helped me find that other Toula I once used to be and welcome her back into me. The Conversation of Dragons is a fabulous book that should be read aloud for everyone to listen to, to be drawn in and to become the person they are destined to be."

More about Toula:

Toula Fanariotou comes from northern Greece, near Thessaloniki. She is thirty-eight years old, a mother of two girls (Despoina and Helene), a peach farmer, and a private tutor in English. She also is a jack-of-all-trades, of a kind. She draws, writes and crochets! She loves George, her girls, coffee, chocolate and all the simple things that make her life great! Oh, and books. She also loves books.

Toula is a dedicated and warmhearted person. Be dedicated and warmhearted like Toula. 😊

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