The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Grace Abaho

Today, I'd like everyone to meet Grace Abaho, a paracounsellor and blogger from Uganda. Listen to what he has to say about his experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

“I have turned some pages of books but I must admit when I read the work(s) of the phenomenal Joybell, I feel awakened. It is good to know that words matter; The Conversation of Dragons spells out the picture perfectly. I think the introduction and epilogue of the book are very important elements of a book and for me; I found these words magical throughout. It is not hype — this book is a self-help book dressed in casual clothes. This, as seen in the introduction is straight outta the park: ‘One day, the tangible to us now will become intangible to us and the intangible to us now is what will become our physical reality. When I write, I see structures being built that are physical in a different world.’ Yes, for me words matter, you couldn’t have given this breathtaking book a better picture, I totally agree.

The book offers a sublime deep look into the perils of human frailty in ways only The Conversation of Dragons ever will. She doesn’t mince words; she induces the readers to looking way beyond their ego and while at it; she encourages self-love. I learned from her powerful message about the “thirteenth tenet” and if I am to paint a picture of what I learned, this is it: Believe people when they show you who they really are. It is not only fair to them; it’s also fair to you. When you become an honest, healthy person, you can cultivate honest, healthy relationships with others—(Dragon unto Dragon, Creed unto Creed). If anyone wants to blossom in their daily lives; relationships with others, have the pure love of self and nourish their humanity, this book is the real deal. I think the essence here is that we can always wrestle our demons only if we give an approach of not just being cowards but knowing the innate strength we have inside of us. God bless you for this wonderful book!!”

Come learn more about him:

Grace Abaho (Sr) is a Ugandan freelance writer and blogger and a graduate in Procurement and Logistics Management at Uganda Christian University. He also has a certificate in Paracounselling from the same university and he has work experience as a student nurse at hospitals in his area. Grace began writing four years ago and has since done free online blogging (for now; as he looks for gainful employment) on the contemporary issues affecting our world. He says about his writing: “I am for the most part blogging about justice and international peace. I am a believer in the notion that people empower people; I am because we all are.” He goes on to say: “I am proudly a mentee of one of the most phenomenal writers in the world, JoyBell. I am not perfect but her work and formal mentoring has built confidence in me.”

You may also connect with him on Facebook, on LinkedIn and discover more about his passion for writing over at his blog.

Grace is an earnest, sincere and sweethearted man. Be an earnest, sincere and sweethearted person like Grace. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is with my beta reader team and will be available to the public early next year. Look for it, find it!

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