The Sensitives


       I am allergic to dust. The mites in the dust, to be specific. Yes, there are living miniature monsters that live in dust! Didn't know it? Now you do! And some people are allergic to those tiny monsters! Thanks to dust, I live with perennial allergic rhinitis. I have a really good friend who is allergic to ants. ANTS! She needs to bring a syringe with her all the time, in case she's bitten by an ant, she must inject herself with the syringe so that she won't die. DIE!
       People have sensitivities. It doesn't just stop with the physical, either. Some people are clairsentient: people who are so sensitive, they can know the history of a thing just by touching it (not advisable to visit antique stores, because there you will be overcome with other people's memories).
       But there is always that line in the sand and people always eventually cross it. They shouldn't. People have already crossed the line and nowadays people are so "sensitive" about everything, all they really need is a slap in their faces. We witnessed this during this US election. Pandemonium. We witness this when people break down because they see a picture of a hamburger. Ridiculous. People today are choosing to apply sensitivity to their minds, in the midst of the need to be strong.
       You can be strong and sensitive. What you shouldn't be is ridiculous and sensitive. Or immature and sensitive. For example, I don't go around crying because there is dust in the air everywhere I go! Instead of doing that, I look to spend my days happily! Same with my friend who could die from an ant bite. She doesn't go around complaining to people if they have ants in their house that could kill her. She doesn't call people insensitive murderers for not ridding their entire house of ants before she arrives; rather, she lives her life with intent to be joyful.
       This world is really always going out of balance. Yes, there are the sensitives, but then there is a level of responsibility that comes with being sensitive. A level of strength. You don't require the rest of the world to understand you; nobody owes you anything! Instead, you become strong enough to look for the beauty in every day!
       My message to this generation of sensitives— reality check— most of you don't even understand what it means to actually be sensitive; so sensitive that you must be strong! Most of you are being sensitive for the sake of being sensitive and my advice to you is to get over yourselves, find a hobby, get a job, and improve your minds. Now, do have a wonderful day!

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  1. We live in a society where victimhood has been perfected to a profession and entire political campaigns run on it. Thank you C. for clarifying the real strength of the truly sensitive.


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