The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Jenny Hart

Meet Jenny Hart, a waitress living in Texas. Check out what she has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

The Conversation of Dragons is the third title in a series of powerfully written books that each of us could stand to read. If you are like me and are always searching for better understanding of yourself and also of others— I’d recommend you begin with the first title of the series and follow the path to Dragons.

This. Book. Makes. Sense.

I’ve often wondered how much of my inner conflictions could be understood and then spoken in a way that made sense to others, and this book just does it for me. If you find the words and their teachings to be familiar with your own, then please, know that you are supposed to be reading it! I will tell you, there have been moments recently when I was facing a personal problem and certain passages from (Dragons) spoke back to me while I battled with these issues. I was given gifts of clarity. Moments when I was just like ‘Yes. This is what is right. This is what I must do.’ And it was because I had learned something valuable in this book that stuck with me and that I was able to exercise into my daily life. It’s that powerful!

Furthermore, what I have learned and now believe, is that there is a Dragon inside all of us. For some, that dragon is never woken and they spend their lives tragically unaware of the burning flame that sleeps inside of them. However, for those whom the Dragon within is awoken, they are enlightened by the magic of it. They fly on the backs of it. They know truth, beauty and understanding, and they are no longer bound by the bars of darkness. They are light. They are free.”

Learn more about Jenny (from her own words):

“My name is Jenny. I come from a series of small towns in which I grew up, moved out of, and settled elsewhere— too many times to count. Because of this, I have found deep roots in the historic town of Granbury, Texas, where I have lived for the past 12 years. It is here I became a woman, found love and started a family. My husband, Boston, is the solid man and rock hard foundation on which only ‘dream relationships’ are made of. I work as a waitress at a small southern restaurant while he finishes his degree to become a certified welder. We live simply and with little wanting of anything other than a happy home and life to raise our 2- year- old son, Jackson.”

Jenny is genuine. Be a genuine person like Jenny. 😊

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