The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Ruh Ullah Mohammad Barna

I am very glad to introduce you all to Ruh Ullah Mohammad Barna (a.k.a. Ruh) who lives in Bangladesh. He prefers not to talk about his professional achievements, but wants to be known simply as a man who likes tea, photography, and other simple things in life. I am sure that his experience with The Conversation of Dragons will leave you astonished (as it did me). What a joy to receive this review as a gift!

“I don’t know if I ever anticipated so eagerly for a book, if not counting the harry potter ones.

To tell the truth, I was a bit afraid and worried about this one. Having my hopes so high, thanks to its predecessor. What if it wasn't that good? How would I feel? What would I say?

I couldn’t be more wrong.

It started right where the last one ended. Or maybe, the last one never ended, it simply returned in a new form. Those precious feelings all over again, maybe even stronger. Just another new chapter in our book of life, glued with the same ingredients.

And now, I am scared that my words might not be nearly good enough to make anyone realize what a mind-blowing experience they are going to face, embarking upon this transformative journey.

To me, the previous conversations were about knowing and finding myself, and this one is about being at ease with struggles, managing my inner self and outer self at the perfect harmony and feeling the urge to be at peace with life.

Before I continue any further, I must say - this book is not for everybody. I will recommend it only to those who already read and walked between the lines of previous books of this amazing trilogy. Even reading 1/3rd of this book, I wasn’t sure if I were capable to carry on. Or should I?

Whenever there’s failure, comes the self-doubt.

Whenever there’s doubt, comes the longing for knowledge.

The more I read her words, the more I accept myself in my eyes, the more I be at peace.

And I learn, how failures help us to be stronger.

And I regain the lost belief, It’s okay to be me.

Reading the whole book several times made me realize, it was mine all along.The magic of words being the wind beneath my wings.

If you don’t have the courage to break yourself into pieces to make yourself a new - to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, it’s not for you. And if you’ve treasured the essence of Merachefet and Venusta close to your soul, the dragon awaits your arrival on its journey to take you to the brave new world.

Let the magic begin.

If the previous journey were about knowing thyself, this one is the gateway to a place beyond yourself to be found. There are ways and limit to correcting our own self to make it a better world worth living in, Dragons teaches us to place value and appreciate our selves by being gentle to our soul and mind.

In this soulful journey with our favorite philosopher C. Joybell C., I get to know and think about a lot of fascinating things like The Dragon Creed, Equilibrium, Vision of Neutrality, Yin and Yang ‘the fundamental particle’, Quantum Entanglement, Lightness of Being, The True Theory of Oneness or even Soul Alchemy.

But the things that I loved the most are the relationship between People and Elements of life. Water, Fire, Air, Earth – the way our life is affected by these elements. How they can show ways around, creating different opportunities and outcome depending on us and their own nature.

And as always we get to find more gems as we proceed through the pages of wisdom. The truth is the truth, no matter what. There’s no light without darkness, no redemption without suffering. It's okay to make mistakes because it proves we tried and can always repent for things that came out wrong. Regrets help us to try to be flawless. Pain exists only to help us be better.

And for those who want to acquire dragon sight, to see things as they really are; we need to learn to bow and rise like the flame, be humble with love. Sometimes its simply all about ‘being there’ being ‘just’ who we are. The purity of heart is all that we need to understand and the lightness of being.

On a footnote, I must say again — This series of books has been one of the most influential ones I have ever come upon. It’s a remedy to the broken hearts and dumb stuck mind, those lost their ways in the maze — even the imaginary ones.

It’s time, finally now is the time to Fly. Let the Metamorphosis continue.”

Learn more about Ruh from his own words:

“ Sometimes it seems to me, I were born to be a wanderer. I like to roam around places and into the minds of people, maybe that’s why I became a reader. I can’t sing, usually I hum alongside my favorite songs. Mostly, I just listen or try to. Let it be music or things people wants to tell through unuttered words. I don’t really understand that much about art as well, I just love how people convey their thoughts and feelings via their creations. Maybe I am just another observer who is in love with the idea of feeling alive!

I am kind of a selfish man, I love my family and friends over anything, even more than I love myself. I look for devotion in every aspect of life, total submission of time and mind is all I give and desire in return. I don’t have any time for any people or things that doesn’t feel like mine.

I believe in the simplest joy of being alive and glancing upon magic of the moments we pass by, that’s why I like to take photos almost all the time. And sometimes when I miss out on capturing another moment worth living, I try to write like the way a child draws with words. Maybe I am a wannabe poet who wants to feel like a magician after writing a good piece to be remembered by.

I always try to live being thankful about anything and everything around my being, I love to make people feel good whenever they can use another smile. Because, often life is all about just being there for the ones you love and care about. So, I think that’s it. I am just another mostly happy simpleton reader who enjoys reading between the lines.”

You may connect with Ruh on Linkedin here.

Ruh is an insightful, intuitive man. Be insightful and intuitive like Ruh. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is right now with my beta reader team and it will be published this month (January 2017). Look for it, find it!

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