The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Rouba Khattar

Today, I’d like you to meet Rouba Khattar, a graduate from Hariri Canadian University who works as a medical underwriter in Lebanon. Through her words, you can see and feel what it is like to experience The Conversation of Dragons:

“This book is for the brave. If you fear an earthquake within your soul that would shift your pieces and restructure them, I warn you to not reach for this book. This book is a reform, a message sewn with strings from the universe.

The Conversation of Dragons is a continuation of the two prior conversation books, but it’s also an introduction into the Truth, the truth of yourself: your nature, your relationships and your destiny. It’s a guide without guiding, because it exists as a natural calling to those who wish to hear it and believe in it.

While I was reading it, I felt the words running through me all the way down to my roots, like water to a plant! The funny thing is that every one of the conversation books came to me at the perfect time, at phases in my life when I was asking myself certain questions to which I had amazingly found the answers for in the pages of these books!

Only with C. JoyBell C. do you learn how to alter the common meaning of ‘self-centered’ and turn it into a beautiful adventure! When you focus on becoming a better you, you learn how to grow bigger and larger than yourself. As you do so, competing with others and assessing others becomes insignificant, because your energy is fully invested in answering the call of your own destiny. The biggest challenges lie within us and as we tackle them, one by one, it reflects onto our settings and how we react to the world around us. This is a small insight into what The Conversation of Dragons has reinforced in me!

I have begun to understand the connection between the elements of nature and my own soul. I thought I was doing well by allying with water and it taught me to harden as a defense mechanism, but little did I know back then that to me it was self-degradation. Then, one day I saw the flames! They looked enticing to me, but at first I was too afraid to approach. As I gathered my courage, I slowly crawled closer to the heat and that’s when I started melting. In my melting I found the lost pieces of my soul. That’s when my inner dragon came out of its cave and called to me! The memory of my transformation was blurry up until I read this book. Now, I dance with the flame and sway all around it.

All of this comes down to one thing: Be Brave. Grab The Conversation of Dragons.”

Rouba introduces herself:

"I am Rouba Khattar and I am from Lebanon. I live in the lively and crazy city of Beirut. I work as a medical insurance underwriter. I am a dreamer and a cake lover. I grew up among music and books. Music has been and will always be my life companion. I write occasionally, and I have been doing it often lately. Travel is my delight and I hope to see the world one day. I like to inspire and be inspired. I know my dragon; I hope you get to know yours too."

You can connect with Rouba on LinkedIn.

Rouba is a determined and tenacious woman. Be determined and tenacious like Rouba. šŸ˜Š

Dragons is already here! I published on the 12th of January, under the Full Wolf Moon; the first Full Moon of the year 2017. Look for it, find it!

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