The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Joanna Basior Yeh

Today I would like to introduce you to Joanna Basior Yeh (pictured here with her mother), company owner and business connoisseur. Familiarize yourself with her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

The Conversation of Dragons is a tell-all book; everything was laid out in front of me, in its true form, utterly bared and speaking directly into my Soul. This book challenged my own ideas, as well as many New Age “values”, forcing me to look deep into my Being and to acknowledge the Truth. Whether we deal with regret, the notion if we are all the same or different, religion, purity, evil, Water or Fire, this book guides the reader to help understand and adapt to what is naturally fitting; because essentially we are NOT the same. Everything is called, named and explained as it is, so very honestly and in the most straightforward way. Reading this book was truly an illuminative experience, which made me realize that a number of recent ideologies have been brainwashing us to abandon our true feelings, such as regret, confusing it with guilt, and as a result dulling our senses, making us lie to ourselves, thus depriving many of being who they genuinely are. The book acts as a no-nonsense guide to get back on the path of one’s Destiny, to become better and to shine brighter.

The book universally addresses any person who is willing to use his or her knowledge, intelligence and ability to understand the universal Truth. It is written in such a way, that the message is discovered and clearly seen by people of different backgrounds. This is not to say it is easy and immediately obvious. What especially had me in a knot was the mention of the elements and the Yin and Yang; it took me days to dissect this! I faced a tremendous disorder in my mind because of my personal idea of the elements, the Yin and Yang and the Confucian philosophy as I understood it; C. JoyBell C.’s discourse about the elements and the feminine and masculine energies displayed a unique perspective I have never been exposed to. It is incredible how putting myself through the process of writing out, verbalizing and thinking about these ideas has created a shift (about a third way into the book) that completely altered how I read the rest of the book and how deeply it affected me. Suddenly, I had to question what I knew, research frantically, look inside myself, meditate… and finally all the pieces were beautifully put into their right place - this experience made me realize how limited yet unique and universal all of this can be. From that moment on, I continued reading hungrily; very frequently as a question formed in my mind, it was answered almost immediately. Seeming contradictions were skillfully put in front of me to consider, to take in, to understand and finally to embrace.

Truth and Beauty are universal values to pursue, to honor and to hold dear; everything else lies within darkness and light, all there for a reason. Realizing for the first time, or again, that indeed I am Fire, helps me place my attention where it matters. Guarding, handling, understanding and surrendering to my Flame, understanding its Power, be it raging, powerful, burning, playfully dancing, stepping back or providing guiding light; this brings me back to a meaningful existence here again: I’m ALIVE!

This book contains so much wisdom and help for all that you seek; a multitude of appreciation for being yourself, understanding wholeness — with all of its elements, from the outer layers to the inner depths — and invaluable insight and encouragement to proudly and bravely carry your flame, or to trust, appreciate and learn from the Fire-Bearers. It calls our Souls back to the basics and exposes them to their inner depths, helping us realize our Essence, while encouraging to flow with the fitting energy.

I felt compelled to read the book again, and the second time around I was able to deeply absorb the wisdom contained within this amazing work. I find myself frequently going back for reminders and encouragements within the pages of The Conversation of Dragons. This book is a daring eye-opener for the brave, the frightened, the regretful, the guilty, the loving and the beautiful Truth-Seekers.”

Learn more about Joanna:

Joanna (Basior) Yeh is the President of Sphera International, which she co-founded with her brother and business partner in 2010. She is also Managing Partner of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc; a Dallas, TX-based company, which services building development clientele in the US. Joanna attended University of Michigan, Peking University and Georgetown University where she graduated with degrees in Chinese Language and Linguistics.

Growing up in communist Poland and having acquired an education in Poland, the United States and China, Joanna gained a unique combination of technical knowledge and practical understanding of politics, culture and languages from three very different continents. Combining her unique background, education, cultural and linguistic knowledge, business acumen and creativity, Joanna successfully develops and directs international projects by implementing cutting-edge initiatives.

In line with Joanna's personal linguistic passions, she is an active language consultant and international conference and presentation advisor at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Joanna’s passions include volunteering, reading, writing, public speaking and innovation.

Charities close to heart:

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You may also connect with her on LinkedIn.

Joanna is formidable and kind. Be formidable and kind like Joanna. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is now available for purchase on Amazon and other online bookstores. You may also place an order for this shipment at any of your local brick and mortar bookstores. Enjoy your journey!

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