Equality vs. Equivalence: The Implementation of the Foundation for a New Mindset

I think that the reason why society fails in the pursuit of many good things, is because people are not aware of the difference between equality and equivalence. Equality means the type and the value are the same, while equivalence means that while the types are not the same, the value is the same.
So, for example, when it comes to women's issues, women want "equality" because they believe this will make life better for them. So, they want to have not only the same value as a man, but also the same nature as a man. To be "just the same as" a man. But women should look for equivalence, not equality. Equivalence would mean that though the nature and the capabilities of a woman are different from that of a man, the value of these attributes and of this nature is the same value as that of a man.
In economy, the poor want equality with the rich. And so all jobs must be seen as equal. But not all jobs are of the same nature nor are they all comparable to one another. People should look for equivalence. This is when all jobs are of different capacities and are of different natures, and may in fact determine different salaries, but, the value of all these different jobs in society ought to have the same value in the eyes of people. Rich and poor are of same value, although not of same nature.
Equivalence is realistic. Equivalence will put an end to strife. Equivalence acknowledges differences while stating that the disparate result of these differences is the same in value. Equivalence will put an end to blindness, to political correctness, to pretension.
EQUIVALENCE is the answer.
This planet, this world, is home to many a brilliant mind, but alas, brilliance of mind does not equate vision. People can be brilliant while not seeing things as they plainly are. How could this difference between equality and equivalence, along with its extreme relevance in our lives and its applications and implications, escape the sight of those possessing brilliant minds? And why would that even be important? It is very important, because, our governments and our societal systems are powered by concepts and mechanisms that are built on fundamental beliefs; whatever those fundamental beliefs are! And it is the fundamental belief in equality that has caused our societies to become circular in progress. By "circular in progress", I mean that you are going around and around in circles and there is in actuality no progress that is being reached or produced.
Equality is fake. And why? Simply because it is not real. When you as a white man look at your co-worker who is a black man, the fundamental belief in equality, which you have been taught, would entail that you look at your black co-worker and not see the colour of his skin. Literally not see it with your eyes. But of course you see it with your eyes. Because it is there. But since you have been told that what you see is wrong, you pretend not to see it and you pretend that you do not see colour, that you do not see height, that you do not see physical form, and etc. You live in pretense.
Now, if we were to take away the fundamental belief system you have been taught and replace it with a new mechanism of thought; that of equivalence, your understanding and your interaction with your black co-worker would go like this: "He has black skin, I have white skin, we are not the same; nevertheless, our value as human beings is the same."
And then to extend this new mechanism of thought using these same two people as an example, the white man would continue to say, "He is a black man, I am a white man, we do not appear to be the same and we do not hold the same positions in this company; nevertheless, his position in this company is of the same value to this company as mine, considering the fact that this company needs every employee working hand-in-hand to attain a significant and shared goal: the goal of making this corporation a succeed. He could be in my position right now and I could be in his. Our positions are interchangeable, relying only on our skills."
Now, let us expand this new mechanism of thought even further and let us take it home to the black man and the white man coming home from work to their respective wives and families. For the sake of staying congruent with this frame of thought, let's say both wives have chosen to stay at home with the kids, running and caring for their homes. Their husbands come home and embrace them: "This is my wife and I am her husband. I am a man and she is a woman. She takes good care of our children and of our home while I work to provide her and our family with everything they need and desire. She could go to work to, she could run her own company, work at her own enterprise, or do whatever else she wants to do; nevertheless, she has chosen to apply her skills as a mother and as a wife, to our children and to our home life. She is the glue that holds this family together, she is my wife and the mother of my children, her role and her set of skills as a woman is of the same value— if not of far greater value— that my role and my set of skills as a man." That is how a man with a mindset of equivalence would think, would feel.
These two examples are interchangeable, of course. The black man looking at his white co-worker would also think the same thing when utilizing a new mechanism of thought, as well as the woman embracing her husband as he returns home from work. All would apply this new mechanism of thought powered by the mindset of equivalence. And an important thing to keep in mind while reading this, is that, I am not suggesting that the white man has a higher position in the metaphorical company and I am also not suggesting that all women should choose to stay with their children and home. But at the mention of children and home, I will say this: why on Earth would the task of taking care of the future generations and glueing together the fundamental particle of society (the family) be seen as having less value, in the first place? There must have been some form of brainwashing going on in the past decades in order to turn the opinions of people against the home makers.
My mother is a CEO and has worked her whole life in the family's incorporate enterprise, ever since she reached puberty. She never chose to be a stay-at-home mother! So, as you can understand, I am not advocating a lifestyle merely because it is what I have known in my own life. On the contrary, I am advocating the production and the dissemination of a new mechanism of thought that ought to be founded upon the mindset of equivalence.
You are being pretentious. You are so afraid of being called a bigot, a racist, an ignorant fool, that you have become exactly what you are afraid of becoming. You have become blind! Why? Because you are taught in a system that is likened unto the system taught in the story The Emperor's New Robes. You are not supposed to see differences, so you pretend that you don't see them, meanwhile, what you really see continues to boil and fester just below the surface of your skin! If you want to live a genuine existence and if you want to improve upon the quality of society, you will adopt and adapt to, a mindset of equivalence.
I, in fact, believe that hate crimes of various natures are pent-up frustrations that are born as the result of frustration and guilt. People immediately feel guilty when they do see difference, then they become frustrated with themselves, and when they are both frustrated and guilty, they form the belief that they must need to fight something, someone, somewhere.
Even the crimes of religion come about as the brainchild of equality. Because you believe that only one God created all of mankind equally (and of course that one God is your own God and not the other person's God), you have taken it upon you as your duty to reform the rest of humankind into the acknowledgement of your one true God, and only with this acknowledgment will come the implementation of "equality".
Where does envy come from, by the way? Envy comes from the infantile desire for all to be equal. Why is that person happier in their relationship? Why is that woman more beautiful looking? Why is that man happier? Why does that child have better toys to play with? There is a constant comparison to all others and to all other things, that is built upon the foundation of the mindset of equality and this is what begins to eat away at the mind, from an early age. Children grow up with envy in their hearts, with a desire to "make things right"; but in the wrong way!
This is not to say that I do not acknowledge that there is a lack of equivalence in this world and that many of the injustices that we witness today have come about as a result of that. Of course not. I am of course aware of this and that is, in fact, exactly what I am saying! There is a lack of equivalence. There is not just a lack of equivalence, but there is total absence of it! People today pretend to see difference in nobody and in nothing, while they fail to see the same value in people and things of the same value. Does this go to say that all people and all things are of the same value to all other people and to all other things? Of course not. But some things are of the same value as other things of a different nature. Some things are equivalent to some other things. Some people are equivalent to some other people. There are groups/clusters of things and of people that are equivalent in value. Why is this so? Because value changes depending upon the relationship of the watcher to what/whom he or she is watching! The life of your child is of course more valuable to you than the life of your neighbor's child. Let us be real. And nature has made it so, in order to ensure the continuation of our species. If all children were of the same value to you as all other children, then why would you take the time and effort to take care of your own over anybody else's? If all mammals did not value their young above the young of the others, then all young would cease to exist, thus the continuation of all mammal species would cease, as well.
You bring to me people who claim they see equality in all things and that they embrace the child of another in all belief that the life of that child is equal to the life of their own child; and so, you have brought to me a blind person, who, not knowing how to care for his own child, professes to be able to care for all the children of the world! Show me first how you care for your own child and how you value the life of your own child above the lives of other children and I will be able to see an example of how to love my own offspring, of how to love my own family, of how to do the same as you do! Does this therefore mean that I do not and will not love other children? Do not be simple-minded. I treat other children as if they are my own, and the friends of my own son can attest to this fact, because it is truly a fact! And why am I able to love other children to such a degree? I am able to do this because I have first understood the value of my own child and how to love him, thus, love grows and love extends. As my love extends, I am able to see that while the other children are not of the same value in my own eyes, as my own child; nevertheless, they are valued by their parents in perhaps the same way that I value my own child. And in this, I have indeed found a point of equivalence!
Equivalence is the one that actually demands something of you. While equality begs you to pretend that you do not see differences, equivalence requires of you to look at the differences, to acknowledge those differences, and to accept those differences as being of the same value. The black man is not of the same value as you because his skin colour does not matter; on the contrary, the black man is of the same value as you inspite and despite the differences in the colours of your skintone! The poor person is not of the same value as you because money does not matter, no; on the contrary, the poor person is of the same value as you because the value of a person is not measured based upon the presence or the absence of money. It is not that money has no worth—no— we all know and are fully aware of the fact that money has worth. Stop pretending that it doesn't, because it does. Nevertheless, money cannot measure the value of a human being. A human being determines the value of itself, simply by being born! All are born equivalent to the other, until a person chooses to forgo that equivalence by taking the life or harming the life of another human being. In the case of the latter, their life is equivalent to the life they have taken or they have harmed and should not remain of the same value as the value of the living and the value of the unharmed.
And so as you can plainly see, even when dealing with crimes in society, we ought to function with the mindset of equivalence in order to exact true justice in our world, into our systems.
Dear blinded and confused children, please come home. Please open your eyes. Please change.

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  1. This article is great. It's so simple and genius yet many people still fail to understand the difference between the equality and equivalence and its importance in everyday life. Many thanks to the author for bringing it to our attention. I wish more people could read this.


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