My Gay Friends

       I have plenty of gay guy friends. A few gay girl friends, more gay guy friends, but the bottom line is that I have gay friends. Gay people inspire me and today I would like to share with you exactly why and how they inspire me.
       It is not my wish to write a political post, so do not consider this to be political in nature. This is a post about people: about me, about my friends, and perhaps about you.
       Us straight people— we all know how difficult it is to find that one person to spend the rest of our lives with and to build a family with. That in itself is probably the most important and difficult task that any of us have to make in our lives. Sometimes (many times) it doesn't work the first time, so we try again... and sometimes again and again! It's hard. It's important, it's crucial, and it's hard.
       If it's hard for us straight people, imagine how hard it is for my gay friends! My gay friends live everyday, day by day, knowing and very aware of the possibility that they might never find a partner in life, never be able to create a family. We all live with that possibility, but, being gay makes that possibility just about 50% more possible. Despite this fact, they choose to live every day happy and trying to bring other people joy in their lives.
       Being gay is never a choice. Who on Earth would choose to be gay? Nobody wants to be gay. Who would choose a life so discriminated against, with challenges and obstacles double the challenges and obstacles that a straight person faces? If for anything at all, a person would choose to not be gay just to make life easier, because life is already hard enough as it is. You don't choose to be gay, just like a lot of us do not choose the circumstances that we are living in, in this life. Do you choose the color of your eyes? Your hair? Do you choose the color of your skin or the parents you were born to? Really, the only thing that we are born into which we CAN choose, is our religion! Aside from that, what else are we born into that we may choose or choose away?
       Love is a double-sided monster. One half of love is a beautiful creature, the other half of love is a horrific creature. Two creatures in one. When you are on the good side of love, it is the most beautiful thing that you can ever aspire for. But when you are on the bad side of love, it can destroy your life. And love has destroyed lives: many of them! And yet, this monster is the monster that we all long for in this life and that we all need during our journeys in this world. What does it profit a man if he wins the whole world but loses his own soul? What is a soul? A soul is not only you, but a soul is the one you love, too. Facing this monster as a straight person is difficult enough. But gay people face the bad side of love every day, and some are lucky enough to make friends with it! And even those lucky enough to make friends with it, face serious opposition from the people around them and not just from the people around them, but, from their governments and the people who ought to look out for them.
       This is why I am inspired by my gay friends. Because they are strong, because they are forgiving, because they hope against hope. And really, this is just something I wanted to share and to say. Have a wonderful day, wonderfuls!

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