Eliminating Pain

       I recently wrote an article wherein I asked the question "Why are you alive?" I also briefly mentioned "the anticipation moral accuracy" as a daily driving point for the human being in this day and age. In this article today, I would like to expound upon what exactly that means:
       The idea of moral accuracy is the cause of pain in the human life. It is not moral accuracy itself that is the root of all pain; rather, it is THE ANTICIPATION of it that is the root of pain in the human existence. The ideal marriage, the ideal relationship, the ideal friendships, the ideal mindset... all chains of moral anticipation which bind us in pain. If one exists within a certain state of moral accuracy, this is not the cause for pain. However, when one exists within the state of anticipating the moral accuracy of any situation or circumstance in his/her life-- this is the root of pain and mental turmoil in this world. To remove this idea altogether is to remove pain altogether. To uproot this root is to uproot pain. The truth is that the human race was not designed for moral accuracy, to begin with. These are merely invented concepts imposed upon the human mental faculty. Without these; we would not age, we would not disease, we would not feel turmoil. Remove this from your mind and heart and you will remove pain from your existence.
       Furthermore, the belief that we are all connected, or that we should all be connected and love one another, is an ideal propelling us towards the anticipation of moral accuracy. In reality, we really are not all connected. Very few of us are. So we should expect friendship and relationship from only very few others whom we are connected to. Some of us are born to parents we are not connected to. We never know, we cannot decipher the accuracy of the connection based upon moral accuracy. Moral accuracy states that so and so relationship equals connection. But reality shows us that connection may be nonexistent even between the supposedly closest of relations.      
       Human beings anticipate moral accuracy in all aspects and areas of life. From the marriage frame to the mundane text message received on facebook messenger. When these moral accuracies are not met with, these are causes for sorrows and mental anguish of the mind.
       Imagine a world wherein a divorced mother of three children who is too busy to prepare for Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Year, does not feel inadequate about herself and her place in life, because to her mind, her place in life is simply called "living". Her outcome is simply one of the many possibilities and NOT a broken version of an anticipated moral accuracy. She would not feel disappointment in herself, frustration in herself, she would not have anguish in her mind! She would be living her life and she would be happy while doing her best to live it.
       People of this world are in a race, every day, towards the attainment of their anticipated moral accuracies. They are not living; they are racing. And where to? All to their graves!
       Moral accuracies do not even exist in reality as a law. Gravity is a law of physics. Moral accuracies are not laws of nature; they are subjected to culture, opinion, society, and religion. They are not universal. They are therefore not attainable in reality. When they are attained, this is due to pure luck and not due to a formula. Formulas create laws. Not opinions.
       Moral accuracies exist only in the mind. It is a state of the mental faculty. But the state of our mental faculties, is what causes reality to appear in our lives: either disease and death or health and life! Either happiness or sorrow. Either joy or pain.
       The anticipation of moral accuracies is the cause of disease and death in this world, amongst the human race.

       Why do humans chase after these mental states, to begin with? Why do people expect these many things of themselves: to have these shoes, to wear these clothes, to have this marriage, this wedding, these children, that group of friends... why do humans chase such expectations, every day, when the human race was not even meant for such things? The human race is composed of carbon. A carbon species that races to achieve points of moral accuracies concocted in the mental faculties. The human race has never attained it in thousands of years, because it was not designed to attain it. It was designed to LIVE. And to live and to live.    
       People today are not living. People today are dying each day. And that is why they die, at all.
       To the human mind, moral accuracy is a holy grail. In all reality, moral accuracy is only a possibility amongst many possibilities. To turn a possibility into an absolute golden standard for a human being to follow, is a great error. Attaining a possibility is by both luck and idealism. And perhaps hard work. But many work just as hard as the next person, but without the luck involved, cannot attain what the next person has attained.
       So, the attainment of moral accuracy in a given circumstance is merely a possibility amongst many possibilities. And we are NOT all equally equipped to attain these, because we are not all equally set by life on the same directions. Of all our varied backgrounds and paths and experiences we have had in life... why would we even entertain for a moment, the notion that we are all equally set to attain a moral accuracy? And so, these moral accuracies, from the onslaught of them, already favour a select lot. That in itself shows the pretentiousness of it all; it cannot be a physically attainable law, because unlike gravity for example, it is not an equally distributed probability. It is merely a hypothesis. And a hypothesis jthat is subjective, I might add. It is not even a universally agreed-upon hypothesis.

       What's worse, is that we impose our own ideals upon others and we tell them, "This is how to be morally accurate, this is how to be correct, this is how to win, this is how to go to Heaven, this is how to be good." And so, we take an opinion that is influenced by one's culture, society, religion, background, neighborhood, childhood, school, workplace, and we demand the same of everybody else around us! We are very good at deciding the status of everyone else, aren't we? We are very good at knowing who exactly is going to Heaven and who is not, are we not?
       Pain, death and suffering ought to be removed from life. We must stop racing towards an illusion that we have imposed upon ourselves and others.

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