Why I Don't Think It's The End of The World

     I am compelled to speak up about "the end of the world". First up: I definitely do not think that "the end is nigh" and here I will elaborate on why we should not be readying ourselves for "the end".
     When we look at all that has been going on since the beginning of this month, we could be forgiven for thinking that we ought to start wrapping ourselves up in blankets and curling up in a corner. It surely does look like "the end". Doesn't it? I don't even need to enumerate all of the reasons why. You know why.
     I'm a history buff, which means that, I am fond of looking at humanity through the lens of past events. The only way we can understand our present day, is by understanding our past. And I can tell you that, humanity has "ended" several times already! And yet, here we are, with our buildings and our wifi and our robots and our pancakes.
     Ice Age is when the end really happened. And yet, we still went from hunting mammoths for breakfast, to squirting maple syrup on our pancakes. And checking Facebook every five minutes. When the entire planet shifts all of its poles and freezes over, that is pretty much the end! And yet, here we are today! Facing another "the end"!
     Since the last World War (which wasn't that long ago at all, by the way), humanity's leaders have been in treatise in a collective noble goal to never allow another one. To never again allow the atrocities of The Holocaust on our collective human soil, to never again engage every continent on Earth in one giant killing spree of a battle. Ever since then, our collective endeavours have been towards progressively overcoming the parts of our human nature that eventually lead us to downfall. All of our collective efforts towards modern day progression, have stemmed from a pivot point at the end of WW2. And we have come so far. And I am so very proud of us!
     Alas, human nature inevitably rears its monstrous head, again, and threatens to do what it has always done: self destruct everything that it has created and built with its own hands! Still, it's not going to be "the end". Not by a long shot. We have been through Ice Age, we have been through the Black Plague, we have been through two World Wars, we have been through the medeival slaughterhouses, we have witnessed the systematic annihilation of six million human beings due to the nature of blood running through their veins, we have seen the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Mayan civilisation, the fall of the legendary home of Gods and humans that once was the great and incomparable Greece, we have been to THE END many, many times before. And it has ended. And we are here today!

     THE END is never really the end. It is only a new doorway, a new beginning. There will be a new beginning and we are teeter tottering at the edge of this new door right now. Whatever it is. It could be a planetary collision, it could be Ice Age all over again, it could be another World War, another Black Plague... but we will rise again and write new holy books, as we have done many times before; we will rise again and we will find love and have children, as we have done many times before; WE WILL RISE AGAIN and we will reform and restructure the future of humankind. It will be anew. It will be like nothing we have ever seen before. We are at just another end, but, the beginnings are always new. The beginnings are always something we have never seen before.
     You may say that now it is different due to climate change, and I'll ask you, "What do you think Ice Age was? You don't think that was CLIMATE CHANGE"? You may say that now it is different due to AI robots, and I'll tell you, "If there were nothing different at all, then that would mean we have not progressed at all, since the Ice Age, so I am pretty darn happy that now we have AI robots!"
     Authors and evangelists are dangerous right now, as they will spew messages that feed into their need for attention, their need for audience. But they genuinely do believe their messages, so it's not like I am saying that they are consciously misleading people. But I am saying that those who will die are going to be those who expect to die. And those who will live, are going to be those who understand that, just like countless times in our past, we have ended and then we have stood up. We have ended and we have risen again. We have ended and we have gone on to write poetry, ballads, film. This is our legacy as a human race. And it always will be.

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