How This Plague Will Save Us

People are saying, "This virus is ripping us apart, it's creating gaps in our relationships, it's dividing us as families, as a people. We can't let it do that, we can't enforce quarantine, we can't stop living our lives or it wins!" But in reality, this virus is forcing us to unite, it is forcing us to help one another, forcing us to make sacrifices for the good of our neighbours. Because suddenly--suddenly our neighbours' wellbeings will directly, drastically affect ours! Suddenly, what happens to them needs to matter to us! Suddenly, I need to want the best for my neighbour, because that's the best chance I have at staying well, myself.

We are now required to undue our selfishishness if we want to see our mothers live, if we want to see our children grow, if we want our dads to not have to die in quarantine, far away from any familiar face!

Since when would we have set aside anything we wanted to do for the benefit of anyone else other than ourselves? Since when would you have cancelled an exciting dinner date, because you have your grandmother in mind? Your brother in mind? You wouldn't of. You wouldn't. It wouldn't of ever happened!

Everything you used to do, you did with your pleasure in mind. Everything you used to plan, you planned with your pleasure in mind. When would you have ever inconvenienced yourself for the benefit of someone else? You wouldn't of. Not until this virus came!

This virus arrives and now our own pleasure is dependent on the pleasure of those around us! This virus arrives, and now, for the first time, our lives are intricately woven into each other. Of course, it was always that way, it was always like that; but it took an invisible master artisan to pull upon the threads that weave us together, so we would feel the tug of those threads and realise that they're actually there! We are actually interwoven, we are actually intertwined, we are actually connected. We never noticed it before. I mean, we'd say so and we'd write poems about, but it never really meant what it does mean. Just words. Just empty words.

But now it means life or death.

I don't want anyone I love dying without being able to hold my hand.

I need to keep your mother alive if I want mine to stay alive. I need to keep your sister alive if I want my sister to see her next birthday. Suddenly, this is our reality. Thanks to this virus.

Yeah we used to go to family dinners--Christmas and whatevers. It was always for the instagram. Wasn't it? It was always for the My Story. Wasn't it? It wasn't even about mom or pop. It wasn't even about grams or grandad. It was about "the gram".

A lot changes when you think of someone you love dying without being able to see the faces of anyone they cherish. A lot changes when you think about someone you love dying without being able to hold your hand. They can't even be buried.

Now? Now, thanks to this virus, we are human once again. We feel once again, we see once again. Now we can save ourselves! Now we have to save ourselves, we have to save each other.

This virus is the spider that weaves the silken webs which hold us together as one. It will depart when we are able to weave these webs by ourselves. This is what it's here for. It is not our Demon, it is our Angel. We defeat it as we would defeat an enemy because that is exactly why it's here, that is exactly its mission.

C. JoyBell C., Fri, March 13, 2020

📸📸 Mystic Worlds by Marcos Møller Bitsch

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