Let The Dominos Fall

     So, like I mentioned in an earlier post, the ostracism I've felt in my life has come from Asians (I am Eurasian). It's either "You are too white to be one of us", "You are too white to have any proper morals", or, "You don't look white at all what kind of a white person are you?", "That other Eurasian girl looks whiter than you, you just look Asian, what's wrong with you?", "Why isn't your nose like white people on t.v.?"
     And it goes back to before I was even born. Before I was even born and my mother was still pregnant with me, she used to pray every day that God would give me "dark hair and dark eyes" so I wouldn't look "too white". She has told me the story so many times.
     Asian racism is raw, brutal, and they just say it to your face like there's nothing wrong with it. Although I do excuse my mother, since she probably just didn't want to feel too different-looking from her daughter, the story she's told me hurts every time, bless her heart, she has no idea.         Asian racism is harsh and I've never not gone without it. Like, quarantine has relieved me of having to deal with it every fucking day. But then I still deal with it in quarantine neighbourhood group chats. I recently just gave someone a very long lecture in our neighbourhood group chat. A really LONG lecture. So as you can see, even in quarantine, based on a Viber profile photo, I still deal with the backwardness of what is Asian racism.
     The problem with Asian racism is that people get away with it because the focus of the problem of racism is constantly geared towards white people. I just wanted to discuss this a bit because I mentioned it in my earlier post. I sincerely hope that what's happening now takes a domino effect upon other forms of racism, as well. There are serious racist issues happening every day in China, for example, where they treat Tibetans like property. Nobody's trying to seriously liberate Tibet, for example.
     But anyway, this is not to detract from the current focus, AT ALL. 🧐 This is only to bring to light something I brought up earlier.
     I sincerely anticipate, and hope for, the dominos to keep on falling over. 🙏

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