This Is The Day Your Life Changes

Do you love yourself? I mean like really. Really, really. When you think back on all the stages of your life, on all the people you've been, on all the eras you've lived, do you see someone who was good enough? Or, do you see everything you didn't have, at each place you found yourself in?

I one day realised that when I looked back at the segments of my life, at each person I was through the changing times, I didn't see someone who was good enough. Not at all. Instead, I saw all the things I should have had, but didn't.

It then dawned on me, that we base our "enoughness" on the circumstances we were born into, or given into; rather than, on who we are inside of those circumstances! We cannot control any of it; but we can control ourselves. Despite all that you deserved, which you didn't ever receive, who were you able to BE?

In the presence of poverty, who were you able to be? In the absence of affection, who were you able to be? In the presence of hostility, who did you become? In the absence of safety, who did you become? Because that's who you need to look at and that's who you need to love. That's who is enough! That person is good enough!

Despite life, who were you? And who are you? We cannot, and we shall not, spend our days apologising for all the provisions that we did not receive; instead, we should and we shall, fixate on the value of our pure lives existing as a soul on a planet spinning around a star. If we were but that alone: souls spinning around stars; without expectations, without ideals, without standards and without norms; would we be good enough? Would we love ourselves? Because that's what it's actually all about.

My biggest regret, is that, it took me my entire life thus far, to come into the knowledge that loving myself, actually loving myself, was always supposed to be the greatest love of my life. 

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