The Dawn

The Dawn
(December 31, 2009)

On the ghostly mists
That float over the
Darkness of the shadows
Of a day that’s past
Bloom and bud the
Blossoms of promise in
Tiny shining rays
Of light nourished by
The eternal soul and
As we stand at the
Cliff of a new day
Twilight will soon set in
All around us and
The tiny shining rays of
Blossoming promises will lead
Us home into the dawn
Of a new day

As the shadows of twilight
Fall and rest all around us
 At our feet
The dawn of our brand new
Horizons reach forth and
Call us into and forward

Steady as she goes

Forward always forward

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Christmas (1&2)

I was inspired to write these two pieces whilst looking at the tiny lights dancing all around our little Christmas village we had just put up. As you can see, I have taken a photo of my inspiration for these pieces and have also shared it here. :)

May my words and my photo prepare your hearts for a magical, magical Christmas! :) The best gift we can give our loved ones, is magic. And to believe in it. And that's what I want to give to you, all of my readers this Christmas! :)

(December 2, 2009)

One by one they blink;
red, blue, yellow;
they flicker.

Places from long ago;
dance upon my memory;
they tease.

The Christmas lights whisper;
into my ear they call me;
they chant.

Christmases of long ago;
unweaving themselves like threads;
they return.

Spirits of Christmases join;
bringing old familiar comforts;
they soothe.

Watching the lights flicker;
red, blue, yellow;
I’ll remember.

Hiding in the ancient warmths;
I will take refuge;
I’ll stay.

My spirit roams my memories;
under church steeples, carols sung;
I’ll feel.

Places I thought long forgotten;
my childhood here with me now;
I’ll see.

One by one they blink;
one by one they flicker;
I’ll believe.

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Christmas 2
(December 2, 2009)

They flicker
They tease
They chant
They return
They soothe
I’ll remember
I’ll stay
I’ll feel
I’ll see
I’ll believe

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

My Christmas Wreath And Andrea Bocelli...

Today, it's officially December the 20'th and we have less than 7 days to go until Christmas. :)

I don't have much time on my hands today, as I will be going out, scampering around, finding cake and pastries and candies and yummy sorts of things like that for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and so I'm afraid I won't be able to pay each of you a visit today. But I would still love to share with all of my readers and with each passerby, some photos of my Christmas wreath which hangs on my front door and also the Christmas music which I have been listening to- none other than Andrea Bocelli- and may I say that his new album "My Christmas" is absolutely magnificent, spectacular, brilliant, and splendid! And if any of you haven't a copy of his CD for this Christmas, I suggest you hurry along and get one since you still have 5 days left 'til Christmas! :)

I hope my photos and this spectacular music will warm your hearts a little more today! Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone!

More Beautiful

More Beautiful
(December 8, 2009)

It is said that when you are too wonderful, others will take advantage of you, and so you ought to stop being too wonderful. I disagree. If you are too wonderful, never lower yourself because others are ordinary. And if they take advantage of you- that is not because you are too wonderful- that is because they are too ordinary.

I have learned that the more I give of myself, the more that I receive. Now, this is something which is often stated and quoted and re-quoted. The more you give, the more you receive. But when things are always said over and over again, they become stagnant and boring.

What I have learned is neither stagnant nor boring.

You see, we are taught to be afraid to give too much. People around us will tell us that we are short-changing ourselves by putting too much heart into something (or someone) by caring too much, by teaching too much, by loving too much, by being there too much, feeling too much, thinking too much, giving too much. And so, we are often persuaded and taught into believing that we should be afraid of not getting back enough in return.

But see…this is what I have experienced…when we give of ourselves too much… we get of our own selves- also- too much in return. We shouldn’t look to the receivers for what we should get in return but we should look within ourselves for what we can give to ourselves in return!

Look here…we do not short-change ourselves when we don’t receive from another the equivalent of what we have given. The reality is that we short-change ourselves when we fail to see ourselves as sufficient enough to be able to give and to grow. To be able to be the one planting the seeds and at the same time be the seed itself that is planted, that sprouts, that grows and blooms and blossoms and then glories in the beauty of the sunlight!

We short-change ourselves when we limit ourselves and say “Wait. I have given enough. Now if I do not receive the same, I will wilt and die.” When in fact, we can be so much more than that! We can be both the hand that plants the seed and the beautiful blossoming tree when the seed is fully-grown, including all those stages in between!

We are so much more than what we think we are! And the more that we give of ourselves, the more seeds that we plant, the more that we ourselves grow! And though others are benefited, it is us who is the growing seed, it is your own self that is the flowering tree under the sun!

So each time we give a piece of ourselves to someone, it is like we have planted a seed in that person’s garden. And sometimes, some people are just so dull and lifeless that you have to keep on planting seeds over and over again! And regardless of whether or not they are wonderful enough to plant seeds in your garden as well- one thing is for sure- your seeds are planted, and you yourself will grow!

If in the end you must walk away from this person, you have no reasons to neither regret nor despair. Because in the end, you will be more beautiful.

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

A Tragedy

A Tragedy
(November 11, 2009)

I think I caught
A glimpse
Of the whisper left
With you
The whisper that I
Left you
On the day when
You doubted

From the corner of
My eye
I see a feather
Laying there
A feather from my
Wing dropped
On the day when
You feared

On the edge of
My skin
I feel a teardrop
Your tear
Still warm but frozen
In time
On the day when
We lost

The whisper in your
Ear and
My feather on the
Ground and
Your tear somewhere near
My skin
On the day when
We fell

I hoped my soul
To whisper
For forever in your
Ear and
Cradle you in my
Wings and
Feel your every tear
But then…

…you stopped believing in angels.

Copyright © 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Something To Share

This is just something I would like to share.

I started watching this movie when I was about the same age as the little girl (Mary) who is the star of this story, and one reason why I liked it so much was because everybody told me that I looked so much like her, except my hair was darker. :) I kept on watching the movie into adulthood, and I think I have probably seen it about 500 times by now! :)

I used to hum this song to myself, all the time...walking around, sitting down, whatever I was doing, I hummed this song to myself. Today, it has been playing in my head again, and as usual, makes me teary-eyed.

And so I thought I would share it with you. No need for comments in the comments box. Unless you would really like to leave a comment. :)

Invisible Happenings

Invisible Happenings
(November 24, 2009)

As your ship sails
Away into the
Misty horizon
Silent whispers
Go with it
Into the night like
Invisible happenings
I see them like
Ghosts that once
Laughed and skipped
With me but now
Turn their backs
On me
The ghosts fade away
Into the overcast horizon
They follow your ship
I am beginning to forget
That I once
Was there
Sailing your ship
With you

Copyright © 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

You and Me

You and Me
(June 18, 2009)

In my castle
Of many rooms
And towers
The sun shines bright
And inside and outside
All of the world
Is for me

In my castle
Many rooms are locked
Many towers are chained
I’ve thrown away the keys
Never wanting to remember
For every day
The sunshine raptures me

In my castle
One day you stood
I saw you
You had all the keys
To all the rooms
To all the towers
You found each key for me

In my castle
I stood-afraid
Where did you find those keys?
Must I go back?
What’s behind those doors?
I have forgotten
Can’t I just let the sunshine rapture me?

In my castle
You said “We must”
And then you walked towards the doors
You climbed the stairs
You lit the barren hallways
I followed close behind you
You led the way for me

In my castle
I remembered
Behind those doors
The fallen trees The cracked walls
The lost boats The drifting bottles
Then I remembered-yes I remembered
You held up the lantern for me

In my castle
Behind those doors
I looked at you
You took my hand
My tears fell down
As I remembered
Because you remembered for me

In my castle
Up in the towers
The dead leaves rustled beneath my feet
As I remembered
My tears fell down
I became broken better
You remade my heart for me

In my castle
Today no doors are locked
Today no towers are chained up
All the windows are open
I no longer wait
To be raptured by the sunlight
You rapture my heart for me

In my castle
Every day
I learn something new
You teach me to remember
Every day
You remake my heart some more
You rebuild my heart for me

In my castle
Sometimes if I forget again
Promise me that you’ll never
Promise me that you’ll be
In the barren hallways
Carrying the keys
And lighting the way for me

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.
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