(November 27, 2009)



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The Twenty Thousand

Photograph by Mr. Y.

The Twenty Thousand
(January 15, 2010)

About twenty thousand
Divided into four
All at my right hand
On the grey ocean shore

Golden horses leap
With knights on their backs
Statues come to life
They breathe as I pass

O’er the blue-grey stones I tread
The sky grey as the shore
Captured by the cold beneath my feet
The smooth stones; weathered but unworn

Five thousand golden horses
Suddenly they leap
Five thousand grounded warriors
Alas! They lift their feet!

Five thousand great rocks
True soldiers they’ve become!
Five thousand bronze statues
Together lift their swords!

The sky a still blue-grey
Reflected on the waters
The stones beneath my feet
Licked by the frosty vapors

Here beyond the great door
The great door that I opened
I breathe life to something ancient
Ancient and long-forgotten

About twenty thousand soldiers
Divided into four
And the golden horses
Awaited me on these shores

And now they breathe

To where they go

I don’t know

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Yesterday & Today & A Lesson

Yesterday- I spent the whole day working on this new web site design. I spent the morning searching for the perfect design template that I want, then I spent the afternoon installing and uploading and customizing it for myself.

Today- I am thankful that my old design got broken, because I love this new design so much more than the older one! Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but it's ten times more functional and efficient than the older one!

Lesson we can all learn from this- Never be afraid of change!

May all of my treasured readers and friends and family enjoy my new web site design as much as I do! Cheers to change and beautiful new beginnings!

p.s. If you look closely, you'll find two snowflakes on here! One is white and one is blue! They are my good luck charms! :)

Return To Innocence

For me, it's almost the middle of the night on a Friday, and I am about to head for bed, but before that, I wanted to share with you this song that has been playing in my head the whole entire day. I didn't even know what the title was, I had to hum the song to people and ask them what the title of it was so I could find it on Youtube!!!

Return To Innocence by Enigma.

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head since I woke up this morning, and hopefully, after listening to it, you won't, either!!! :)

Just a note- I have been receiving reports from readers that my site is taking a long time to load, and sometimes, doesn't even load at all. I've noticed this too, and after further investigation into the matter, have found out that my blog design provider (the web site that provides this blog template which all of us enjoy so much) is probably going bankrupt or something of the sort. I hope not. I hope it has only been down in the meantime, because I really, really, really don't want to change the design of my blog. I am completely happy with the way my blog looks right now, and, it's SUCH a pain in the behind to go through the whole process of uploading and installing and working on a new template download, that I completely dread having to go through the whole process again. But. If this situation doesn't get fixed soon, we will all have to endure the process again, and please, please pray for me that I will be able to find a wonderful blog template if possible, more wonderful than this one! If not, please bear with me with the best that I will be able to find!

On that note...enjoy this music for the weekend....Return To Innocence.....


(December 3, 2009)

The flames leap at ancient stones
Enchanted flames burn the color of amber
Burn with enchantment
Dance on the flames with me

The flames leap at ancient stones
Enchanted flames burn the color of amber
Burn with enchantment
Dance on the flames with me

The flames leap at ancient stones
Enchanted flames burn the color of amber
Burn with enchantment
Dance on the flames with me

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(November 30, 2009)

I am not going to
Sit and eat with
A little silver spoon
The love in front of me

I will only lift my
Bowl unto my face
And drown in my love
Until I have eaten it all

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(January 4, 2010)

Let us each take up our flaming torches and mount as the blazing fireballs of light that we are and let's burn the skies and leave it with deep scars and let them be our signatures upon eternity as we go forth!

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Go Forth!

Go Forth!
(November 18, 2009)

Go forth- shoot like a star! Zoom through the universe and leave a tail of blinding light!

Go forth- propel through the ancient waters! Glide through the many seas and dispel whirlpools as you go!

Go forth- mount on wings like eagles! Scratch the horizons with the tips of your feathers!

Go forth- shout and sing! Raise your voice high above the mountaintops and let your spirit echo through the world!

Go forth- dance on the heads of reason, doubt, and logic! Radiate with the blazing brilliance of faith, hope, and trust!

Go forth- shine shine shine!

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.
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