You're Not Here

You’re Not Here
(March 22, 2010)

I can hear
My own cries
Bouncing off the
Dark walls of
Where I am
Somewhere there where
You are not

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


You Forgot Me

 Sands of Time image by Primefocus

You Forgot Me
(March 22, 2010)

Was it around
Ten thousand years ago?
I promised never to leave you
I promised you I would
Come back

To you

I found you again

When you lost me
You never really lost me
All those lifetimes
I stayed by
Your side

It was me

Who looked into your eyes

All that time when
The sunshine kissed your
Face and made halos
Into your eyes and
Encompassed your soul

It was me

I looked into your eyes

You couldn’t see me
But I promised you I
Would stay and I never
Left your side and this time
We came back together

But you don’t remember

You don’t remember me

I found you again just
Like you promised I
Would but you left
Me and now I don’t
Know where to go

You forgot me

Why can’t you remember?

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Stars In My Pocket

The Way I Made Christmas

I had such a joy preparing our Christmas Eve table, December 24, 2009. ♥

The cake is a white chocolate cake and I bought it as just a plain white chocolate cake; and the red, red strawberries and cranberries are my own personal touch to it!!! I thought I would really enliven the cake and make it joyous and festive!!!! :)

Of course, festive times are an "East- meets- West" sort of a celebration, in my home! Hence, the Chinese pork and shrimp dumplings! :)

As you can see, I used rolled up Christmas wrapping paper layed out on the edge of the table (at the back) as a decoration to add the the festivity of the whole gathering of food, as a collection.... I think this made for a very creative and simple and heartwarming touch to the overall feel of my Christmas Eve table... :) The little, short colorful rolls scattered across the table are actually cooked/baked milk rolls! Very yummy! A local delicacy children and adults both adore and love! ♥

These are beef and pork dumplings my mama and I made together ...♥ 

I love Christmas Eve.... I love my Christmas Eve table...... :)

I Am Human

I Am Human
(March 4, 2010)

It is on the search for absolute happiness that people are led astray. So many dead ends are at the roads that people take in the pursuit of absolute happiness.

We are always told and taught to search for it. And we are shown many “x-marks-the-spot” on our maps we call life.

God gave us divine innocence in our humanity. The ability to feel all. And yet, we yearn to throw this away and become gods ourselves.

I am thankful to be human. I am grateful to have the ability to feel a great number of things all at once. This is always with me and I desire not to throw this divine nature all away in the favor of feeling and knowing only one thing.

I will not blind myself and pretend to be something that I am not. When I have my own nature. And my own nature is divine.

I am human.

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


(March 3, 2010)

There is a system today which is fast creating us into a "self-help" society. And I think that there is a lot of frustration that comes about as a result of "self-help" tactics. Frustration and confusion. What people lack today is not a voice to tell them how great they are and how great they can become and what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right. But people lack the ability of the acceptance of their humanity.

We need not strive to mold ourselves so much into being one thing or the other. Instead, we ought to change our ideals of perfection and see that perfection comes as a result of a great number of things.

You may be somewhat sad, and you may be somekind of a happy- both at the same time. And that can be your perfection. Perfection is attainable and perfection exists. But it is not defined. Perfection is the presence of many a number of things in the individual who is able to look at himself and feel all things at the same time. In he who accepts his humanity and says " this is perfect."

Perfection is not merely perfection. Rather, perfection is "Somekind of a perfect."

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

The Princess

The Princess
(December 8, 2009)

I tell you a tale
Come from a time long ago.
And from a place
That only I know.
A place and a time that
I come from; a place
From the magics of old!

There once was a soul,
The soul of a girl; from the
Brightest star dusts she was made!
From the dusts of Alcyone
One of the seven sisters
In Pleiades there she was formed!

Into her God breathed life
And called her “Alnair” (the bright)
For a true princess
That she would be!
Gifted with the brave heart of
Monoceros and the winged soul of
Altair, a real and true princess was she!

On the back of Pegasus
She descended to earth
And was one day born a girl.
Every mountain she climbed, every
Dark valley walked
Dared her forget who she was!

She learned bravery from the lambs,
Faith from the soft voices
She learned love and care
From a stone.
With what she had;
From this she made glad;
Unshakeable and trustworthy was she!

For the princesses of today
Are not princesses at all!
A princess is never naïve nor weak!
Nay! Though blessed with the angels’ face,
And all of the angels’ grace;
Unmovable in valor she should be!

Though they dared her forget
Her own heart, her own soul; Alnair
Faltered not in the end!
She toppled beasts and fought witches
From the stead of her throne
The throne which her soul
Sat upon!

For your enemies can never make you
Who you are not
And darkness can never make you forget!
You who are born a princess
With the angels’ face and all of their grace
And inside you lies a true hero’s heart!

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Safely Yours...

~ C
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