The Blue House

The Blue House
(April 28, 2010)

I see the little blue house on a hill
At night in my dreams, I see it over
And over again; night after night and

I remember this house
But it was not blue

But here in my dreams
It is blue and
It is haunted

The blue house in my dreams is haunted
By my memories of love and oneness
Haunted by the ghosts of what was once
My own

The ghosts they feel

So near
So near

But they are so far away
Living in my blue house on the hill

That I remember
Wasn’t really blue but
In my dreams is always blue

Last night there was an earthquake
And the haunted house fell down

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Launching Of The Web Site!!!!

You think that when you write a book, you write it, and then it is on people's shelves. Well, yes that is true. But is not very true. What is very true is that you write a book and then it's dedication, dedication, dedication day in an day out! I appropriately called my book "my baby" as bearing a book to the world feels so much like the process of birthing a new baby! Pop! Your bundle of joy has come out! But then- BAM- it's sleepless nights, eye bags, and a whole lot of surviving on adrenaline!

The past days since my book has gone live, have been so intense. People who love me have been telling me to take it easy. And I have been thinking to myself "I should not lose myself" and so, I have since managed to "not lose myself" and am back in my fabulous shoes and classy Guerlain lipstick! ;-)

I am already receiving feedback from my readers about their experiences reading my book, and yet I myself have not been able to hold my own book in my hands! This is all somewhat overwhelming and I feel saddened when I hear how everybody wishes for an autographed copy. I simply cannot autograph these books, as they are way over there and I am right here and I haven't even held my book in my hands yet! I am so sorry that I can't provide anyone with autographed copies. Yet. There is just not a way to, as my reader base is completely international, my readers are from all over the world, speakers of many different languages, and the only way to autograph your copies of my book is if you buy my book, send it to me through DHL, I autograph it, and send it back to you. I am very willing to do that, it's not a burden on my part, but, it would cost you to send through DHL. If you want to do this, go ahead and contact me, I will give you my address. I would be honored to autograph my book, for anyone!

I want to express my deep gratitude and thankfulness to each and every person who has purchased a copy of my book- thank you all- so much!

It has also just come to my knowledge that there are those who are advertising my book to their friends and friends of friends and I don't even know these people! I am just surprised to receive emails from those who say they are excited to read my book, which they found out about from a friend of a friend of a fried.

To all of you "friends of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend" - I thank each of you- so much! Your advertising and spreading the word about how The Sun Is Snowing, has brought me much joy!

And it is my utmost joy, to know that my book is  reaching your hands! And more importantly, your hearts!

And without further adieu, I now launch the web site of my book

A Celebration!!!!!!!!

 photo by jmurawski

Tonight I'd like to offer up to all of you (and me!!!!) ... to all of US.... a big slice of RAINBOW CAKE!!!! There's enough to go all around!!!! Why???? Well........ this is in CELEBRATION of my very first book sold!!!!!! Francisco Castro of Portugal is the very first person to purchase my very first published book, on this here day of April 18, 2010!!!!!! :) :) :) :) And this calls for a celebration!!!!!! And to me, a celebration means some cake!!!!! Some extra special cake like this one!!!!! :) :) :)

There is no way for me to know for sure if Francisco Castro (of Portugal) is in fact my very first book buyer (because there's not way for me to track the sales of my book aside from quarterly reports from the publishers) BUT for as far as I am aware of right now on this here day, he IS my very first buyer, because he told me he bought my book. :) Now if anyone else has bought my book before Francisco, well, then this cake goes out to you, too!!!! Have the biggest slice right here!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Now all of you put down the cake, brush off the crumbs, and go grab your very own copy of my book (with clean hands) OVER HERE!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH you just know you want to!!!!! :) :)

If you buy from this link, you will be making a direct purchase from the wholesaler. And that's a smart thing to do. :)

Comptine d'un Autre Été & La valse d'Amélie


An Update On My Book!

And as I promised...keeping you guys up-to-date and informed.....

My Baby's Almost Here! And She's A Beauty!

ISBN: 978-1-4490-7213-1

Published by AuthorHouse UK

Coming Soon!
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