The Journey

I will be away for about a month. Where the winds blow me beautifully and the stars guide me truthfully. During this time, I doubt that I will be able to deliver any writings for you to read. Rest assured, you are always in my thoughts, and maybe (just maybe) I can surprise you from time to time. But most likely, I will be on this journey full-stride and will not be attending to my laptop very much. I will be back, and I always take you all with me, in my heart, anyway! 

I leave you with this piece. I just penned this, and was deeply moved whilst putting these thoughts onto paper (I always write everything on paper, in my authentic Italian leather notebook, before I move them to my computer) and my heart's desire is that what I felt when writing this, you will also feel..... 

photo by Bindaas Madhavi

The Journey
(June 3, 2010)

Sometimes, the dreams that you dreamed never forget you, even long after you have forgotten them. You are little. Your heart full of courage. And you dream dreams. You breathe life into visions you have for yourself. You look into the skies at night, out of your window, and as you breathe, you breathe life into these pictures you’ve painted in the air and onto the tablets of your heart. Then you grow up, and slowly but surely the courage takes flight from your heart and you lose it. You forget your dreams, you lose the pictures you painted and once carried with you.

But what takes us so long to realize, is that the dreams we breathed to life continued on. It is only us who forgot them. But when we gave them life, they went on living.

And then they find us again one day. Our dreams find us and they still recognize us. Even if the courage is gone, we are broken in places, shattered here and there; when our visions find us they still remember us. And then they remind us. Of a courage we once had. Of places we once visited in our hearts once upon a starry night. And then we remember. And then we go. We go out on our journeys. We walk with our dreams. And during this time, we find ourselves.

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  1. I am excited, and look forward to my journey. But more than that, I am excited and look forward to the person I will be when I return from it.

  2. I keep a dream journal but maybe these aren't the type of dreams that you are refering to.I definitely still haven't found myself, that's for sure. I feel as if I'm wandering around aimlessly through life. I hope that you have a good journey. I'll have to catch up on some of your old posts while you are away. I haven't been able to spend much time on the computer lately.

  3. Very beautiful post as usual.I hope your journey brings you all you are looking for. I know you deserve it all and we will miss you til you return.
    Love Grampy
    PS Have a wonderful journey.

  4. Have a wonderful journey and be safe and stay completely in the Will of God surrounded by His love! Interesting post - my dreams from years gone by, if I ever allowed myself to have any - have still not found me. They may recognize me, but will I let them in? For I am not who I once was!

  5. How beautiful Bells. We are all so proud of you. I hope you really enjoy your time away and we will be waiting here for you when you get back!

    That is one of my top two favorite Yanni songs, the other one is In The Mirror!

  6. Hi Charity,

    What a beautiful post and I enjoyed all you wrote today, dear friend. Thank you.
    Have a beautiful and safe trip away, you will be missed and I look forward to hearing from you on your return.


  7. Thanks for the heads up C, I've learned you have to tell folks reading your blog that you'll be gone for a while or else they'll freak and think you're dead, LOL. Hope you have a a wonderful time. Take care! :)

  8. Can't wait to hear all about your travels! Be safe my friend.

  9. Charity-Have a lovely heart vacation from your blog and I'm sure you'll return from your journey dripping with the gold of joy.

  10. This is a perfect piece for me today! Thank you!

    I wish you well on your trip. May angels fold you in their wings and keep you safe.

  11. Thinking of you.
    I was gone...and on my return came to see you...
    we pass in the day and night...
    but soon will our pens meet, my friend!


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