Walking The Streets Of Roma

Walking The Streets Of Roma
(June 13, 2010~ Roma, Italia)

I feel this stone under
My feet and I think
I feel the thousand years
Gone by tickling the bottoms
Of my shoes
Up and down the
Stone-laden streets
My shoes are not used to this
Nor are my feet
Mini-palaces painted with
Pastel cherubims
Angels bump their shoulders
They share each others’ skin
Basilica bells chime
And old priests nod and smile
At me
I breathe in the air
That Caesar, Da Vinci, Leonardo, Michelangelo
And about a hundred
Great popes breathed
Ancient history fills my lungs
I exhale ancient art
Ancient thoughts
Timeless souls
The yellow flowers climb on walls
The man sits with his Afghan Hound
Lovers loiter the air I breathe
With their kisses
And sighs of amore!
I feel the stones
From beneath my shoes
They go “bump-bump” on the
Bottoms of my feet
Stones placed by makers of
Ancient art and
Ancient love and
Thousands of years of
Porcelain dolls
In flower-lines windows
Wooden Pinocchios
Carvings of fat women
And white-winged horses
Call me as I walk by
I hear someone making love
From a window in a
Could I ever ask for more in life
Than walking the streets of Roma?

©2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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(July 22, 2010)

It's strange how
A simple twinkling of my
Own eyes
Reflects the flicker I remember
In yours and
Takes me back to
Where you are and I see
Your face all over again
Then immediately
Your breath on my skin
Your fingers in between mine
The walk The stairs The t.v.
The blanket The pillow The cups

And I am so enraged at the
Fact of your absence
I could scream endlessly into the night and
Stab the air with daggers

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Piazza di Spagna

This is a photo I took in Rome. This plaque sits on the wall right next to the Spanish Steps at the Piazza di Spagna, on the building where you can find and have a heartwarming eat at Babington's 1893 which is a Tea House that has been making homemade cakes, pastries, and muffins (and of course, tea) since 1893.

There is something inexplicably magical about sitting on the Spanish Steps. You sit there, and you simply soak in magic. And that's why both locals and tourists alike- go to the Spanish Steps to simply sit there and watch the day go by. I could do that every day, for the rest of my life..... it can't be explained..... but it is simply magical.

This has fast become my most favorite poem, in which the magic of Piazza di Spagna has been encapsulated...

PASSERO' PER PIAZZA DI SPAGNA di Cesare Pavese........


-click on the photo to enlarge, if you have any trouble reading-

And, now I present to you my own rendition of the magic of the Spanish Steps, one which I wrote during my first days in Rome. :) I took the picture of the above plaque during my last days in Rome, which was the very first time I even noticed it there. :)

Piazza di Spagna
(June 13, 2010 ~ Roma, Italia)

Step by step and
One by one they
Ascend they descend like
Ladders to the gods
The mortals take shield
Us mortals take refuge
Loitering these divine steps
Sitting, laying, kneeling, sprawling
Red roses dance ballet
Chilly air Hot sun
Lovers kissing Children laughing
Sounds of life abound
And here I am
History under my feet
I drink in the 
Sounds of life and
Sounds of love and
Chilly air Hot sun

Piazza di Spagna

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

And here are some photos I took which I'd like to share with you....

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

...take a little magic with you...

The Return

The Return
(July 6, 2010 ~Roma, Italia)

On my journey, I have learned that...

Nothing is fixed. There is no black and white. Everything is- to you- as you see it. If you want to take a plain-sketch paper and color the lines in with bright-red like blossoms in the gardens that smell so sweet; you may. But it doesn’t have to always be bright-red. You can flood your plain-sketch pencil papers with red today, then blue tomorrow, and then if you want, after that, you can color them purple, violet, pink... you can change everything... by changing the way you see it. By changing colors.

I have learned that the best thing to do- is what you want to do. And if you don’t know what it is that you want to do- just start walking in one direction and if that’s the direction you want to go, you’ll find that you will keep on going. And if it’s not really where you want to go... you’ll find yourself turning around. And going where you really want to go.

I have learned not to look for the “right thing” because life is not about looking for “what’s right.” It’s about looking for what’s yours.

I have learned that there is nothing to be afraid of. Really. And if you say “I can do it,” you can. Really.

I have learned that crossing the street isn’t too hard, and that it’s okay for your feet to get dirty sometimes.

I have learned that destiny is real. I’ve learned what it is, and how she works.

I have learned that it is possible to fall in love in a few days.

I have learned that seagulls are beautiful and that they are like white paper planes floating through the sky with bells attached to them.

I have learned that there are too many wonderful people in the world to waste my time thinking of the no-good ones.

The world is bigger than you think it is, and it is perfect. The good and the bad. Together, it is all perfect.

So there is nothing to be afraid of.


This is what I have learned.

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.
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