Walking The Streets Of Roma

Walking The Streets Of Roma
(June 13, 2010~ Roma, Italia)

I feel this stone under
My feet and I think
I feel the thousand years
Gone by tickling the bottoms
Of my shoes
Up and down the
Stone-laden streets
My shoes are not used to this
Nor are my feet
Mini-palaces painted with
Pastel cherubims
Angels bump their shoulders
They share each others’ skin
Basilica bells chime
And old priests nod and smile
At me
I breathe in the air
That Caesar, Da Vinci, Leonardo, Michelangelo
And about a hundred
Great popes breathed
Ancient history fills my lungs
I exhale ancient art
Ancient thoughts
Timeless souls
The yellow flowers climb on walls
The man sits with his Afghan Hound
Lovers loiter the air I breathe
With their kisses
And sighs of amore!
I feel the stones
From beneath my shoes
They go “bump-bump” on the
Bottoms of my feet
Stones placed by makers of
Ancient art and
Ancient love and
Thousands of years of
Porcelain dolls
In flower-lines windows
Wooden Pinocchios
Carvings of fat women
And white-winged horses
Call me as I walk by
I hear someone making love
From a window in a
Could I ever ask for more in life
Than walking the streets of Roma?

©2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Lovely poem and such a beautiful visit! Glad you got to visit!

  2. Hi Charity,

    Must have been wonderful walking the streets of Roma and seeing all the gorgeous sights. I found the same, walking the streets of Paris, my feet were sore too.
    I enjoyed reading your poem and seeing your photos.

    Have a happy week

  3. Charity, I loved this - and the photos. It brought back such memories of my two past birthdays in Rome and several other visits. I had such a wonderful time. Both times, we stayed at the Hotel Napoleon, a delightful little place were the director became a friend, as did the other staff - I was there year before last with a nurse friend from L. A. and a retired detective and we did a 12 day cruise after, then last year, I went with four friends - three nurses and a male social worker friend. We spent two days in Rome, did a six day cruise, overnighted at the end in Malaga,then spent four nights in Barcelona, my favorite of all cities. I tried to get Josep to join us for drinks one night but we were newly friends and I think he was too shy! I hate that since, with the job loss and my new financial plunge, I doubt I'll ever get back to Europe!

  4. It sounds so fascinating. The sheer history surrounding you as you walked the streets must be overwhelming. You expressed your feelings so beautifully!

  5. Thank you everyone, for your comments! Thank you, RNSANE for sharing with us your European love affairs! :) :) Perhaps you WILL be able to return to Europa soon- you never know! You never can say! :)

  6. Hi C. Nice to have you back. I missed your wonderful poems. The pictures were just stunning. They reminded me of my trip to New Orleans. Before Katrina hit.
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Charity, how I've missed you and your heavenly words. That was art to my soul tonight; what beauty. Those pictures are beyond beautiful; I hope that someday I can see some of those places for myself... All my love...

  8. Hey S! I miss you too! You are always so swept away by your life, and I hardly hear from you, anymore! Thank you for stopping by today. I am so happy to hear how beautiful you think my photos are. :) I still don't think they capture enough the beauty of my experience, though! :) I hope you have your own journey one day, too! :)

    Thank you Grampy, thank you Campbell, thank you everyone for your visits and for your comments! :)

  9. This is a wonderful poem and the pictures are beautiful. I loved all your photos in the Firenze album at Facebook too, esp. the candy shop. I wish that I had taken many photos when I went to Germany and Switzerland in th 80's.

    I had troubles when trying to post this the first time - hope that it goes through this time. Have a great day.

  10. One day I would love to travel here and there. I am wanting to go on another cruise and can't wait for the day. These photos are such temptations for one to pack her bags.


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