Walk On This Water

Copyright 2010 C. JoyBell C. Ligurian Sea, Italy.

Walk On This Water
September 19, 2010

To strike this strong current with my oar
Is the only thought I hold in sight

To rage against the falling of this flow
Is the only force that hands this oar

Rage rage Strike and rage
South it falls and North I follow

How long must I rage
How far must I strike

This river forces downwards
But I fight on upwards

My strength; it is aching
I will throw my oar away; and instead

I will walk
On this water

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. To. Ms. Charity

    Your not only gorgeous lady and exotic beauty in this century, but you are a good poetry, i like this one you write, so nice and very deep. that;s why i am eager to purchase your books, but sad to say your books not yet available on our country. keep up your good work idol, hehehehehehe....=)

    Mari Anne Bicomong

  2. It takes indeed a person of much hope and ability, being able to walk on water. Wishing you always two hands full of it beneath your feet.

    Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens

  3. Hi Bells! Beautiful photographs, did you take these on your travels? Your poem is full of feeling. Wouldn't it be so much easier to walk on the water than to feel the struggle of the current. I think that is where we find grace, when we let go and let be what will be.

  4. Hi Princess.
    Once again another great poem to give me thought and inspiration.You have so much in such a wonderful poem. Life is not easy but if you have the will you can conquer any difficulties. If one way doesn't work just try another.A person could right a whole book just using this poem as a guide line. Great Job.

  5. Grampy,

    I have read your comment many times. Thank you very much, you are inspiring me! :)


  6. What lovely scenery. Your words are as lovely as you are.
    If anyone is capable of skimming across the water, I have every faith that you are capable of doing so.

  7. I love this walk-out. I had one photo and was going to post it on my blog. wow, how spooky. I think if I could walk on water, I wouldn't be here. Wonderful thoughts Charity.


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