Sands Of Time

Sands of Time
(February 15, 2011)

The sands of my childhood are
Saturated in a fervent coral-tinted hue of peach
Glistening; each sand glistening under the sun
Like twinkling stars; daughters of the day
Altogether bathed in waters of cyan blue
They cling together seamlessly and appear like
An endless blanket that is the shoreline
Cyan studs my footprints and leaps:
Like flees: disappearing into the sand
To touch to touch to touch to touch to touch
This sand; to feel it through my fingers
This sand; to pick it up with my hand
This sand; to feel it in my palm

The sounds of the cyan against this shore

The voices that call me to leave and let go and come in


Here I will stay. On the peach coral sand. Beside the blue.

To feel it.

And the sands of you are like that dream
The one that awakes me in light
The dream that is so bright that it awakes me in it’s light
And then washes me while I smile
I smile because I feel you
Sands under the white light of always and always
The existence between time and space and knowing
But I know
And these sands they are drowned in the beauty of this light
To soak to soak to stay to stay to breathe
This light, this air, this sand
This sand; falling over me
This sand; infiltrating me
This sand; steals my sleep and awakes me
Somewhere else

Somewhere I want to be

And I feel the voices of the awake and they move around

But I will be awakened only in this light. And smile. This sand.

Is where I want to be.

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Valentine's Day Surprise!

It’s today! It’s today! It’s today! I’m ecstatic this beautiful Monday morning on Valentine’s Day! I have been holding my breath and waiting for this moment to reveal to you my new novella which I have been talking so much about over the past months!

For many people all over the world, February the fourteenth is considered as the universal day of love and on this Day of Love in the year 2011, I hereby proudly and wholeheartedly unveil my new and upcoming novella entitled: Saint Paul Trois Châteaux: 1948.

Below you will find a screenshot of my book’s website where you can discover more about my story! Remember that the text written on my site was not written by myself, but by a third party writer who was assigned to my novella for the purpose of producing these write-ups. You will take your first glimpse into the characters who succeeded valiantly at stealing sleep from my eyes; in making me witness nights turn into mornings and sunsets turn into sunrises! Lying in my bed, overcome by their whispers in my ears, their stories called for me to stay awake night after night and write down the unfolding of they who have now become Lucy Nightingberg, Thibaut and Pierre-Auguste Desmarais, and Amaury Babin! Their souls tugging at my sleeves are responsible for many a forgotten meal, forgotten showers, and elapsed time!

Today marks their birth into the world and their journeys into your lives! And I can’t think of a more appropriate birthdate to bestow upon them, than this Day of Love! To Lucy, Thibaut, Pierre-Auguste and Amaury, I say bon voyage! Bon Voyage! Bon Voyage!


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