The Water

I will not be around here for roughly a month, probably less than a month, but I give myself a month including everything. If you're a fan of my FB page, you'll already know that I'm going on an important trip, so I'll be, as I call it "missing in action" for a while, and hopefully when I return, I will bring back with me even more that I can share with you! I will miss you guys! Many kisses! I leave with you this piece I wrote in October of last year........

The Water
(October 8, 2010)

The boat has turned around the ocean’s bend
Come from the winter’s snow and cold winds
The man sits in front of me and rows
This ocean’s bend is different
Winter has been left behind and
I see turquoise
White stones piled up; an underwater plateau rising
From the bottom of this shallow sea
The winter gone has broken way for our boat and
These turquoise waters are still
These blue-green waters are silent; so silent I can feel it
I can feel the silence of these green-blue waters
Penetrate my skin; my soul swims
And the man rows steady now; steady and quiet
His oar strikes into the deep blue of the beyond and
I look ahead to where we are going
A deep still blue; deeper and deeper; farther and farther
Away until the deepness races towards the skies
White winter Shallow turquoise Blue depth
And we sail

It is not about the man; he is only rowing
It is not about the boat; I can walk on water
But it is about the water...

It is changing

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

While I'm away, get your own copy of my new novella:


A piece I wrote some time last year...


The little girl dances
In circles and she sings
In circles there she goes
She laughs and laughs
Her jewels glisten
Heavily laden with jewels
She glistens
And her crown
Upon her head
It towers
A towering crown of rubies
Only a little girl
But unto her all
Is given
And she knows
Her worth

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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