Water Lilies

Well, I was hoping to save this piece for my new book (second edition of The Sun Is Snowing Poetry & Prose) but there are some writings of mine that I try hard to hold onto so I can keep for a next book, but I just can't. As I write and share what I write, I feel that I do myself a great deal of good (in the writing and in the sharing), also that I am giving and sharing something that can do and is doing a great deal of magic in and for the reader. This particular piece is very meaningful and I feel the urge to share it now, and not wait and keep it away from human eyes...

Water Lilies

I think there are those of us who are born into this world like fervently glorious water lilies blooming upon an open aquamarine sky in the Summer! Or maybe some of us are born in the Spring, or in the Fall, or even the Winter! But we are all born glorious water lilies that blossom and float in the skies, like meaning, like answers, like visions, like dreams. But then as time goes by, we are lied to, we are abused, we are accused, judged, denied, and misunderstood. We are envied, and pulled down, we are stoned and we are crushed, we are left bloody and bruised. We are blinded by the shadow of religion, strangled by the hand of society, and bludgeoned by the fists of mediocrity. When these things happen, it’s hard to remember how we were born, it’s difficult to recall who we once were, it takes a lot to see even a glimpse of the glory that we came into this world in, it’s too easy to forget what we used to be. But I have learned that it is possible. We can remember, it is possible to again become what we once were. We can remember.

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The Wind Against Your Face

The Wind Against Your Face

Pain is a pesky part of being human, I've learned it feels like a stab wound to the heart, something I wish we could all do without, in our lives here. Pain is a sudden hurt that can't be escaped. But then I have also learned that because of pain, I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of healing. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! We may not have wings growing out of our backs, but healing is the closes thing that will give us that wind against our faces.

As long as you harbor bitterness in your heart towards the people, reasons, and situations that caused you pain in your life, you are inhibiting yourself, withholding yourself from the beautiful, sublime experience of healing! To have bitterness and hate is to deny yourself one of the most fulfilling wonders of living! Because it is like this; your struggles of pain are like journeys walking barefoot on roads of thorns! You walk these roads because you want to get to the magnificent place at the end of the road! It can be anywhere you want it to be: a tranquil seashore, a serene mountaintop, a joyous playground, a happy Christmas morning breakfast; you walk these paths of thorns to get to a place. Now imagine getting to the end of the path and then turning around to walk back over the road again! And again and again! That's what you are doing when you hold on to bitterness and resentment and hate. You don't have to like the people or the situations that hurt you, but you have to look forward to the end of the road, you have to look forward to getting to that place. During the process of pain, it's vital for us to feel an eagerness in our hearts to arrive at that place at the end of the agonizing journey. It's very needful that we recognize the reason for pain, which is healing!

A result is something that occurs because of something else. But a reason is an answer to why, a meaning to something given. Healing is not a result, healing is a reason. We are given pain because of healing. In order to experience healing, we go through pain; so that we too, may fly as they do!

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Inner Peace 3

I have recently stumbled into Inner Peace! And I have decided to remain here eternally! I want to share with you all, the things which I have been unearthing! This is called Inner Peace 3, because it is the third creation I have, on peace!

Inner Peace 3

Let me tell you a secret. Inner Peace is not something we can fight to achieve but Inner Peace is a force so powerful that fights for us. There is a battle going on for you! Inner Peace, He fights for you! Your only part is to let go of the fears and the worries that you hold and clench so close to your heart; the things you think will protect you. You squat on the shoulders of fear and you sit atop the head of worry, thinking that these two will give you the hindsight you need to protect yourself, to ensure your safety. The only job you have is to dismount yourself from the shoulders of fear and come down from sitting on the head of worry/doubt (the two are conjoined twins). Because, for as long as you are mounted upon the two, Inner Peace cannot win your battle for you! How can He fight these with you on top of them, holding onto them for dear life?

Dismount yourself, and let Inner Peace fight the fight and win the battle.

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Like A Dove

Hey guys! Look at what I found under lock and key! A writing of mine from back in November of '09! Wow, I've really been writing for that long?! HAHAHAHAHAHA but of course I have! It is a very, how can I say it; it feels like a very antiquated sort of a feeling to come across something that you wrote a long time ago, before you were who you are today! It feels like opening a vault or a treasure chest, something like that! You will all love this piece written by a me whom I have almost forgotten! I know you will all love it!

I want all of you to remember and take note of something very important! I want you all to know that you shouldn't buy my The Sun Is Snowing book right now, because,  it is under "re-construction"! This means that I am doing an overhaul of my first book, changing the interior and exterior of the book, I'm pulling out some of the old pieces and putting in a lot of new ones (like the one here which is not in the current edition of TSIS). The newly-reconstructed TSIS will be called a second edition, it will look totally different, the contents will be greatly varied and you will be able to read a lot more of my work of which you can't read in my book at the moment. So, if you haven't bought a copy of The Sun Is Snowing yet, please wait for the second edition to come out before buying, and if you already have my book, buying the second edition will be like buying a new book because as I explained above, I am adding so much more of my new work to the book, changing everything in and out, so buying the second edition will be worth it and I can assure you that you will be happy with the new buy. I swear it! I pinky swear it! :-) Most of the pieces I have written after the first release of the first edition TSIS are very strong and lingering, a lot stronger and more poignant than the pieces that you can currently read in my book. Hence I promise you a better read with my The Sun Is Snowing (second edition).

The Sun Is Snowing (second edition) will also be much more affordable! I will be published with a new publisher (the same people who brought my novella to life) and as you can see for yourselves, the price of my novella is far less costly compared to my first book and this means that my second edition TSIS will be much more affordable than it is now. I am surprised that so many people are buying The Sun Is Snowing at it's current outrageous price! But, people are still buying it! Nevertheless, I want to offer my book of poetry at a cheaper price.

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Like A Dove
(November 10, ’09)

There you stand
Your armor glistens
In the sunlight
Your sword sharp
Sharp as death
But your eyes
Are soft like
A dove’s eyes

And you call
Call to me
And you say
Come to me
Meet me here
Where I am
In my armor
With my sword

Here I am
In my tower
And they say
There is no
Knight in armor
And they say
Knights are dead
Knights are buried

But you call
Call to me
And your armor
Glistens in sunlight
Your sword sharp
Sharp as death
Your eyes soft
Soft like doves

I will come
Come to you
Meet you there
In your armor
Arisen from death
No grave holds
My own knight
Knight in armor

From my tower
I will descend
All the voices
Say you’re naught
That you’re dead
That you’re buried
That there’s no
Knight in armor

But I cross
Cross the bridge
I will cross
Cross the lake
I will run
Run to you
Your dove eyes
Call to me

Soft like breath
I am here
I will go
Go with you
From this tower
From this bridge
From this lake
Take me away

Your heart soft
Soft like doves
The air perfect
Perfect like morning
On your horse
We ride away
The voices lie
You are real

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