A Note About Grampy And Me!

A short note written with happiness: My friend and "grampy" is so thoughtful and so kind enough to dedicate a post on his blog, just to me. He offered to write a post all for me and all about me, on his blog, because he genuinely wants to help me succeed as a writer. In this modern era, it is extremely difficult for authors to succeed. There is an astounding amount of competition, and authors have to pay people lots of money to promote them, so they can make book sales. I have been swamped by daily emails from companies and individuals and organizations offering promotional services for fees. There are so many things an author can do to become famous: we can pay someone to put an ad of us in the NY Times, we can pay someone to run an ad for us on major news networks, we can pay people to get us an interview on morning TV shows, we can pay people to get us a seat on Oprah, there are companies that we can pay to translate our books into scripts for making our stories into Hollywood movies! And so much more! I have become so overwhelmed by their efforts to make money off of me, that there's a time I seriously had to step away and try to regain my peace. In that time, I decided to remain in my own river, and to allow everyone else to jump into their swimming pools and lakes and puddles and what-nots and make loud splashes and play in their water, while I sit silently and do what I can, for myself. There's not so much I can do, really. I have a FaceBook page which I treat as my raw drafting pad, where my raw and unpolished newborn thoughts are first released, then I have a twitter account which reflects the posts I make on my FaceBook Page, and I have this blog, which I began keeping some years ago when I didn't realize it would turn into a writer's blog! Back then in that day, I simply used this blog to voice my opinions and write stories about what I did over the weekend!

What grampy has done for me- his offering to share to his own blog readers about me- touches me, because people don't really do that for anyone, anymore. I can't imagine anyone close to me doing that for me, really. Not even family members. People don't do that for me, unless I am going to offer to pay them. Like I said, I am overwhelmed by all the offers from people that promise they truly care about promoting my work but for a fee. I am so overcome by all of this, that; I have chosen to go by my own way and do my own thing. So for grampy to wholeheartedly offer to make this post for me, about me, is really a lot bigger deal than it may look like.

He told me that he never used to read poetry until he discovered my writings. I told him that is the greatest honor for me to hear, as a writer. I mean, there are a lot of writers who appeal to readers. But to hear that I appeal to non-readers is the greatest honor. This isn't the first time I've been told this. I've in fact been told this again and again. Over and over again. I think that the bulk of my readers, were not born readers, but they later were born in my hands. This is the greatest honor; a greater honor than selling a million copies of my book, a greater honor than being in all the bookstores all over the world, it's more than what I asked for. I can become disheartened when I look at how fast other authors shoot to the top in their sales and publicity, but then when I stop looking out there and stay still here in my river and look back at my original dreams, I can see that I have received and I have achieved far more than what I dreamt to have. I dreamt three things: 1. To make my own books, 2. For my books to be on people's bookshelves, and 3. For people to quote the things that I say and write, and live by them. All of my dreams have come true, and what's more, is people actually love what I write and that's something I didn't ask for.

Thank you, Grampy. And thank you, every one who loves what I write.



  1. Enjoyed reading the post about Grampy and you.
    Thanks for all you share and always great to read what you have written.


  2. Sweet Grampy. I'm just like him, I never really cared for poetry. I have a few favorites but a lot of it goes right over my head and leaves me thinking "Say what?". Your words never give me that feeling. I'll have to go and read Grampy's post.


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