A Note About Joy!

I am overjoyed to receive the first blogged book review of my novella Saint Paul Trois Châteaux: 1948. As I read the review, my eyes began to well up with tears.

There is no feeling comparable to the feeling that I get when I feel that someone has truly understood and truly felt and for a while has truly lived in what I have written.

I have received book reviews before for my novella, on Amazon and Goodreads, but this is the first blogged book review which means that someone has dedicated a post on their blog to review my book and in doing so, has told all their followers and friends and visitors about the whole experience with my words on ink and paper. This means so much to me, because I am a one-man-band but my parade grows more and more colorful and more and more musical when other people join in on it! I rely on word-of-mouth.

I am so thankful and there's not much that I can say. I didn't send Sares a free copy of my book, she bought a copy of my book, herself. Please visit Sares (Sareski) to read her review of my book. She keeps a very creative blog that I do enjoy very much visiting, where she can share her shabby-chic creations of vintage and antiques and everything else that is ticklish and adorable. Visiting her blog puts a smile on my face, I tell her, that I would love to own a shoppe like hers one day and immerse myself in all things lovely all the time!



  1. Hi Bells! I'm so glad you are happy with my blog post. I really do hope others read it and rush to order Saint Paul Trois Chateaux: 1948. I can only imagine how difficult it is getting the word out and trying to make your book stand out amongst all the rest. I know a lot of my readers would just love to immerse themselves in the story you wrote. Have a super wonderful day Bells!

  2. You don't know just how thankful I am, Sareski! I felt like you really understood, felt, and lived in my story! Especially the part when you said you felt like an interloper listening in on the private conversations of the characters, that really grabbed my heart, because that's exactly how I felt writing my story! I personally felt like I was sitting at an opposite table, listening in on everything, for you to feel exactly how I felt writing it, blew me away! I feel like writing the book is altogether worth it! It really really is! It's so easy to become disheartened. Especially when people expect you to sell 500 books right away, they simply don't understand how DIFFICULT it is. The competition is extreme, and even if you've written a really good material, if you don't have a way of getting the word out that your material is there, nobody's going to know about it amongst the other 600 books that are marketed and promoted to the max! I'm just really very thankful, Sareski. Thank you so much.



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