We are free and uncorrupted. But when we are born as babes unto this world, our flesh is born into bondages. We are born into chains of expectations, ideals, norms, mediocrity, social quos, religion; and so our birth into this world marks a decline of ourselves. Day by day, year-by-year, we grow into these chains and as time passes us by, it’s harder for us to escape, because we are bigger and so the chains become tighter. And then we grow so accustomed to these bondages that we develop a formula for creating new ones and imposing them upon others. And then we have children, and we enslave our children as was once done to us.

But there is hope.

All these chains cannot be seen, but these chains enslave the mind. They claim you as prisoner through your choice to believe, through your will to believe. But you–you are still free! You–you are a soul, and you are free! You must but choose not to believe, you must but choose to return to the path that you wished to travel for which reason you descended here. You must break away from the paths of others and find your own. You must step out of the rivers of others and swim and set sail on your own river. You have to catch your own gust of wind, and go with that wind! Let others find their own gusts of wind and let them go with their winds, and you go with yours. Have no inner struggles, you should never struggle against yourself, for you yourself are free and you yourself desire to go in the right direction and you yourself know where that direction is. Do not struggle within yourself, but in yourself you must find your peace. You must remain in peace. If there be any struggles, may they come from encounters with vile people who wish to jump into your own river, who wish to overtake your own wind, who wish to push you off your own path. But never, ever struggle with yourself. Go with yourself.

The bondages are not you. They are merely chains that entwine your mind. You need to see the difference between the beliefs you have grown into believing and the one who is you. So do not look at your chains and fear of being what they are; you are not!

Your life here is a process of seeing yourself apart from the self you were born in to. We are not one with our flesh, in that we tear away from our flesh, we long and desire to break free from the chains which enslave us, which enslave our parents, which enslave our peers, which enslave our society. And so we are not united with our bodies, but are whole as ourselves on the inside. If you have any quarrel with yourself, may you identify that this quarrel is not within yourself, not with the body you were born into, but your quarrel is with the many entrapments that your mind has fallen into.

There is someone who came to earth to pay the price for the entrapments of our minds, our bodies. His blood more precious than the blood of a perfect, spotless young lamb; it was spilled and dripped onto the earth as an ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of our minds, our bodies. Yet this very same man has Himself been captured in unjust images of Him hanging on walls of churches, and has Himself become the mascot for bondage and judgment. Stripped of who He is and what His desire and purpose is, He has been taken into religion, written into their books and laws, and twisted into a form so unrecognizable that almost no one now can recognize Him. And people run away from this twisted form, this monster! This monster that religion has portrayed Him as.

There be a few who recognize Him in His true form behind the lies and the paintings and the stories and the laws written in His name. Fortunate are these few.

During this life, our ultimate goal is not to end it and move on, is not to achieve the prize of Heaven, is not to be able to say to God “I have done all of this for You”: no. Our ultimate goal is to turn around and look at ourselves as who we were before we were born into this world, and then keep that vision always in sight, breathing life into it, living it, for after all, that is who we are! Do you believe that this goal is weak? That this mission is a failed one? A weak one? You are wrong. The chains that bind you which are so hard for you to remove yourself from, are all visions, ideals, pressures, expectations, fears, intimidations, lies, and they are all unseen, they are all intangible. It is only our beliefs in them that give them strength. We give strength to our bondages! If you can give strength and life to your bondages through your belief in and of them, how much more can a simple knowledge, a simple vision of who you were, who you ARE; breathe life back into that forgotten soul who is you? For that soul was created by God! Bondages were created merely by the minds of man and if you forsake them they will no longer have power over you! Likewise, if you believe in the creation of God, this creation and this truth will overcome all entrapments, cages, prisons and chains.

And you will fly.

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Amen. Maybe you should take up preaching as a part time job Bells! You express yourself so beautifully. I definitely wouldn't be bored in your church, I know you would keep it full of life and color and truth!

  2. I seriously pray to God that I will never become a preacher! AHAHAHHAAHAHHA! How funny of you to suggest such a thing! :p Oh I'm just a writer, never a preacher! :D Oh I cannot even imagine running a church! I don't even go to church! hhahahahaa! :D I was raised in church, but I don't like church. Church blinds and restricts people. I actually believe that the greatest bondage I've had in my life, is being raised deeply rooted in religion. I grew up extremely fearful and had many phobias. Religion is the biggest chain that I have been sawing off of myself, and I think that now with this piece, I may just have sawed it completely off!!!! Hurray!!!! No, I will never be a preacher or have a church!!!! I only want to have truth, and then to share that truth. Anybody can do that, as long as the truth is there. : ) I am honestly more interested in the idea of going shopping for shoes than the idea of preaching! : )

  3. Ahaha. You are so funny C (re your above comment).

    So true, Bondage-free is the only way to live life, and I hope I am able to impart that to my daughters too. Have a nice weekend :))

  4. Bells, I didn't mean Preacher in the traditional sense of the word. I think I used the wrong word, I meant more of a spiritual leader verses an "Preacher" of any given organized religion. Sorry about freaking you out!


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