I Don't Have A Title For This Post

My mother is visiting with me. Now, when my mother visits with me, I learn lots of things. But it's not from the reason that you're thinking. I learn lots of things when my mother comes to stay with me, from listening to myself talk to her! I know that's unconventional, but it's just plain truth. My mother says "Please, sit down with me and tell me things!" And so I start talking with her, and everything just flows, I listen to myself, and I think "Wow, I'm learning all this really enlightening stuff!" And I go on and on and I learn so many things! So, I honestly can't give credit to my parents for the things that I can write and express to you. I have always felt that I have grown my mother up, instead of the other way around. I have always been my mother's guide, strength, encouragement and I have always tried my constant best to protect her from the wolves that always surround her (my mother has a magnetic pull on manipulative and controlling people/friends.)

I'd like to share with you today about what I've learned (from me) over the past weeks during mama's visit...

"Mama, you are the one who breathes life into the situations and circumstances that will happen to you. You are responsible for breathing life into things. Instead of always asking yourself What if this bad thing happens? What if that bad thing happens? What if all these bad things happen? you have to ask yourself What if this awesome thing happens? What if that wonderful thing happens? What if it's the best thing that  will ever happen in my life? and you have to do that because you are responsible for breathing the life into the things that you want or don't want to happen to you."

She fixated her eyes onto me with a deeply sincere gaze.

"Everything is dead until you start believing in it. If you are constantly going over and over in your head, repeatedly thinking about all the negative and terrible things that could possibly happen, what you're doing is you're breathing life into those things! You have to make that choice to breathe life into all the positive things! You have to turn yourself into a different direction and start pondering and desiring all the positive and beautiful things that could possibly happen because that's how you are going to breathe life into those beautiful things and then those things will begin to have a heartbeat and then take form into whatever forms they come in and then if they grow legs they will start jumping and running towards you; if they sprout wings they will come flying for you; should they be fluffy and soft objects then that means they will float and drift and fall all over you like snowflakes; and if they are like water drops then they will gather together and begin to ripple and flow and run you over like a tsunami!"

"I need you to write this all down for me, so I won't forget it! Write it down for me, everything that you're saying, okay?"

"But ma, you have a brain and a heart, that's what your brain and heart are for, so you can carry things like this around with you everywhere and always! Your brain and heart are better than any pen and paper!"

See, my mother comes from a very negative-oriented family. She and her siblings carry around a negative energy rather than the desired positive energy that we need and should crave for. They think about every single negative thing that could possibly happen, before taking any step further in any direction, or before doing anything at all!

After I sat down with my mother on that sunny, humid morning, I have definitely seen the change in her. You see, I know a secret truth and this secret truth that's unknown by others, is that every soul carries a "pilot light" in the middle of it. A pilot light that once is lit, will never fade or disappear. And what I do is I light those pilot lights. That's what I do. I know where it is, in every person, and I know how to light it, from anywhere and from any distance and by any means. I'm a pilot light lighter. I think I lit my mama's pilot light that morning. And my mama's a tough cookie to crack, but I feel that I've cracked her. In the not-so-long time she's been here, I can already feel a 100% difference. In that certain area.

I think that I am going to get my mama a laptop. She told me today "How unfortunate it is that other people can read the things you write and have to say, and I'm your mother and I can't keep up, I need a laptop so I can read everything, too."




  1. I really couldn't think of any title for this post! :)

  2. I learned a lot from this entry too - about you, about your mom, about life, about dealing with negative thoughts. You're truly a great teacher, Bells!

  3. Hi Charity,

    How lovely that you have your Mother visiting and you are there for one another.
    Do hope your Mother can get a laptop so she will be able to read what you write.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week


  4. It sounds like you had a very enlightening and moving visit with your Mom. I really like your thought about the pilot light and everyone having one. Your Mother is very lucky indeed to have such a special and beautiful daughter to find that light and make sure it flourishes!

    I did read your Facebook comment. Long live the turquoise! Just exactly how many necklaces did you get Bells?!


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