To me, moonlight represents the victory over fear. The darkness of the night has long been associated with fear, but when we reach the turning point to be able to look at the moonlight, look into the face of the moon and delight in her serenity: in that moment we have overcome fear, we have even forgotten that there is darkness around because we are embraced by the serene light of the moon. The moonlight personifies endurance. Though it is night; there is still moonlight that endures throughout it. I feel that moonlight embodies vision and gentleness: even though it is dark, we can be guided by our moonlit vision, and the moonlight can be only gentle, it can never burn nor harm. To me, moonlight signifies true beauty. The more we look at it, the more we are consumed by our adoration of it and the longer we stay under it, all the more we want to know it.

– C. JoyBell C.

Be Ready To Fly!

To me, the New Year isn't about what you plan to do in the fresh year to come; it's about what you're going to do before the year ends! Listen to me first. The reason why New Years resolutions don't work is because we can't plan our lives, because idealism fails, and because what we really want is to be surprised; not to foresee the good things that happen to us by chance. We want to be receivers of good things and we want to be surprised by them. But you can do something about the year that's passed. The end of the year is the time to forgive, to get out your big trash can and throw away all the things that you accumulated along the way that you don't want to have around anymore! At the end of the year, shut doors that need to be shut, let go of things that need to be let go of, look back at that hurtful memory and say "It's okay that happened, because it's over now, because I have decided that it's over." The end of the year is the time to watch all the pieces of your past float away into a black hole! And the best thing you can do about the new year to come, is to be open to good change! Is to be ready to not give into fear! Is to be ready for a new beginning, with all the surprises that it has to offer! So as this year ends, get out your big trash can! Throw all the shit away. Get out your scissors! Cut off all those rocks tied to your ankles. And do the things that you should've done earlier, before the year ends! Tell her how you feel about her, tell him how you feel about him; whether its a positive feeling or a negative feeling. Kiss that person. Dance that dance. Sing that song. Forgive. Be ready to fly!


Again, I...

Again, I am surprised why people seek to eliminate lust and cling to love; as they wish to ignore happiness and cleave unto joy! Now, now, let's not sugar-coat things! Lust has a lot more to do with life and what is the good of life if you do not carry much lust inside of you at all times? And joy is a noble thing, but happiness though fleeting can be found every day and in every small little way!

– C. JoyBell C.

‎*I don't define lust as anything evil or nasty. Lust as defined by me, is the feeling of desire: a desire to eat cake, a desire to feel the touch of another's skin moving over your own skin, a desire to breathe, a desire to live, a desire to laugh intensely like it was the best thing God ever created...this is lust as defined by me. And I think that's what it really is.

A Surprise! A Surprise! A Surprise!

Yesterday I noticed a simple, short comment on one of my blog posts and as is customary for me, I returned the visit. It was from an Herb Mallette, a fantasy author with four novels already under his belt and others in the works; the last thing one would expect to find on his blog would be a review of my novella! But that's exactly what I found when I repaid his visit to my blog! A beautifully-written review of my novella! Now, this isn't just any review, this review left me feeling "naked" and rather speechless! And I was just so very surprised to stumble upon it! If I hadn't repaid his visit, I probably would have never discovered it! You see, I don't opt to receive email notifications from Blogger and Goodreads and my other online accounts, I only see any activity when I actually log back in to my accounts. I keep it that way because I don't want to be constantly bombarded with "calls" to log in! I don't want to feel harassed and distracted from life. So, I was truly surprised to find the review by chance yesterday, I am so thankful for it! I hope that you will find this review very informative, helping you to make that decision to get your own copy of my book!

I want to also express how thankful I am that a writer of fantasy has been open-minded enough, magnanimous enough, to pick up a book of literature and not only that but to truly give himself to understanding it!

I Did An Interview!

Over a month ago, I did an interview with Sandra Keys, who does interviews with many authors and also promotes books. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this interview with her, I really did! I wanted to do it, so I could give you- my readers- a chance to get inside my head even more than you already do on a regular basis! I hope that all of you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!

I want to thank you, Sandra Keys, for the invitation to interview! Thank you for including options to link back to me in the interview material, and thank you so very much for remembering my son's birthday, that came as quite a surprise to me as we only spoke of it once! I wish you and your family and friends many blessings during the Holiday Season and during the New Year to come! :)

And to YOU reading this, I trust that you have many blessings on the way in the coming New Year and have been blessed with truth and warmth during this Holiday Season!



Truth is that which is hidden. In truth there is found power, if everyone has the truth then everyone can have the power. Truth is hidden from the multitudes by those who have that power, by those who need to stay in power. If something is fed to you and given to you openly, if you are born into something that wishes to instill itself upon you and make you believe in it always, think again before you commit yourself to believing that this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If it were the whole truth, undiluted and as it is and always was, do you think it would arrive to you so easily? Do you think it would so desperately ingrain itself into you? No, what is fed to you is what the people who have the truth want you to believe in, so that you will not look for the truth, so that you will think it is an evil in itself to look any further from what was taught to you. And on your journey to find truth, you will discover that you are on an odyssey into yourself, into your own soul. The Kingdom of God is within you! Every step you take towards the truth, will nearly paralyze you in fear for you will be thinking that each of those steps is a sin! A sin because you were taught not to look right and not to look left and that there is only one truth to believe in!

Who has truth? Those who have power have truth, but for power to remain a true power, only few can have it. Do you think that there would be many great religions if there were no powerful people behind those religions, fragmenting and diluting and mixing the truth so that it has become so polluted and you have become so afraid to even think differently for a moment? Why this fear? To keep you from the truth. But this same fear will also be the reminder in your heart that should tell you "Keep going, something is worth it."

I encourage you. Seek the truth. 

Copyright 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

24 Karat Crumbs: From The Vault!

I have just uncovered things I have written, from way back when! My goodness! All these 24 karat crumbs that I'd already forgotten I'd written! I have been thumbing through, reading and reading, feeling delighted, then I realized that before the year ends, I should share all of my really old crumbs with you! They've been hidden for too long! Now how would you like that? Golden crumbs, everybody! From years and years ago! :-) Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year, too! :-)

I think that all we do and say should be done and said with valour, dignity, honesty, truthfulness, steadfastness, and trustworthiness. These are the traits of true knights and kings. Princesses and queens. These traits are the keys to the doors of all magical worlds. Without them, we merely exist in an ordinary world. – C. JoyBell C.

Why do we teach our kids that magic isn't real? By all means! Magic is real! Magic is VERY real! I see it wherever I go! Wherever I look, I paint my world in colors of roses! And my skies are drawn with rainbows and pegasuses! I believe in magic! Because I am made of magic! – C. JoyBell C.

There is a part of my soul that I keep on losing; it falls out and it gets lost. Sometimes I find it and I put it back again. But then it just falls back out again. The next time it falls out I want somebody to find it for me, and then keep it. And then I want that person to stay with me. For forever. And that way I'll always have my whole soul with me. For forever. – C. JoyBell C.

Some people want someone to spend the rest of their lives with. I don't want someone to spend the rest of my life with, I want someone to spend eternity with. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime... – C. JoyBell C.

True beauty does not withdraw itself. It is not stagnant inside oneself. True beauty makes beautiful everything it touches, each ear it whispers into, each heart it loves, every soul it reaches. Each time, true beauty leaves a part of seeds planted under the sunshine! – C. JoyBell C.

Oh my goodness! I think I'm happy! - C. JoyBell C.

Life is long. There is no need to throw people away. You can always pick people up again. As you can always pick yourself up again...and again...and again... – C. JoyBell C.

Today my bounties are many. Of rubies and sapphires I have a lot. The wind is strong and my sail is high. My anchor is lifted and my compass points north. The sun is rising in the east. Yesterday bores me. What have you for me today? – C. JoyBell C.

Ordinary always mocks extraordinary. Mediocrity always attacks excellence. In the end, the extraordinary is always the extraordinary. And the excellent is always the excellent. – C. JoyBell C.

I wonder what it would be like to throw a sugar-coated jelly donut at someone's face? I should buy a dozen jelly donuts and throw them at faces! – C. JoyBell C.

I would rather see what my heart can see with my eyes closed than see what only my open eyes can see with a closed heart. – C. JoyBell C.



Sunlight gives life and makes things grow; but it also kills and scorches. Sunlight rises gently and sets vibrantly; but at midday it succumbs to vengeance and releases fury. Sunlight is bearable when she shows not her full face; but under her full countenance you will burn and discolor. 

But moonlight is always bearable and comforting. When she exposes her full face and turns to us in her abundance of countenance, even the more are we called to her! To bathe in moonlit waters, to raise our faces and behold the moon! The moonlight never burns us; but in moonlight we are bathed and our skin glows! We need not be afraid to look directly into her and during the darkest nights, we must put our trust in her to guide us through the night! And when morning comes, we may fear the noon, but always know that when night falls we will always have the moon! And we wait with amorous anticipation to see her in full!

Copyright 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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