I Did An Interview!

Over a month ago, I did an interview with Sandra Keys, who does interviews with many authors and also promotes books. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this interview with her, I really did! I wanted to do it, so I could give you- my readers- a chance to get inside my head even more than you already do on a regular basis! I hope that all of you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!

I want to thank you, Sandra Keys, for the invitation to interview! Thank you for including options to link back to me in the interview material, and thank you so very much for remembering my son's birthday, that came as quite a surprise to me as we only spoke of it once! I wish you and your family and friends many blessings during the Holiday Season and during the New Year to come! :)

And to YOU reading this, I trust that you have many blessings on the way in the coming New Year and have been blessed with truth and warmth during this Holiday Season!

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