Sunlight gives life and makes things grow; but it also kills and scorches. Sunlight rises gently and sets vibrantly; but at midday it succumbs to vengeance and releases fury. Sunlight is bearable when she shows not her full face; but under her full countenance you will burn and discolor. 

But moonlight is always bearable and comforting. When she exposes her full face and turns to us in her abundance of countenance, even the more are we called to her! To bathe in moonlit waters, to raise our faces and behold the moon! The moonlight never burns us; but in moonlight we are bathed and our skin glows! We need not be afraid to look directly into her and during the darkest nights, we must put our trust in her to guide us through the night! And when morning comes, we may fear the noon, but always know that when night falls we will always have the moon! And we wait with amorous anticipation to see her in full!

Copyright 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Yes, the moon is very peaceful and serene, and I always look forward to seeing her in all her stages.

    "The moon is always full, though you can't always see it."


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