To me, moonlight represents the victory over fear. The darkness of the night has long been associated with fear, but when we reach the turning point to be able to look at the moonlight, look into the face of the moon and delight in her serenity: in that moment we have overcome fear, we have even forgotten that there is darkness around because we are embraced by the serene light of the moon. The moonlight personifies endurance. Though it is night; there is still moonlight that endures throughout it. I feel that moonlight embodies vision and gentleness: even though it is dark, we can be guided by our moonlit vision, and the moonlight can be only gentle, it can never burn nor harm. To me, moonlight signifies true beauty. The more we look at it, the more we are consumed by our adoration of it and the longer we stay under it, all the more we want to know it.

– C. JoyBell C.


  1. I think the moonlight is very magical, especially on a warn Summer night or a crisp Winter night when all the stars seem to twinkle more brightly. That second video is awesome! I used to live in the country where the night sky was more visible, now city lights and rooftops block a lot of the view. I hope you have a Happy New Year, I know 2012 is the best yet to come for you!

  2. When the moon is high and round and bright enough to cast a shadow, we are literally on top of the world, with the sun beneath our feet.

  3. Sareski, those are the shortest, yet most wonderful and comforting words you have ever said to me, I thank you! To "know" something for someone else like that, is a very powerful thing. Thank you for that. And thank you for sharing your most inspiring experiences with moonlight.


  4. @Herb Mallette, I didn't know that! That is so wonderful! Truly!


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