A Surprise! A Surprise! A Surprise!

Yesterday I noticed a simple, short comment on one of my blog posts and as is customary for me, I returned the visit. It was from an Herb Mallette, a fantasy author with four novels already under his belt and others in the works; the last thing one would expect to find on his blog would be a review of my novella! But that's exactly what I found when I repaid his visit to my blog! A beautifully-written review of my novella! Now, this isn't just any review, this review left me feeling "naked" and rather speechless! And I was just so very surprised to stumble upon it! If I hadn't repaid his visit, I probably would have never discovered it! You see, I don't opt to receive email notifications from Blogger and Goodreads and my other online accounts, I only see any activity when I actually log back in to my accounts. I keep it that way because I don't want to be constantly bombarded with "calls" to log in! I don't want to feel harassed and distracted from life. So, I was truly surprised to find the review by chance yesterday, I am so thankful for it! I hope that you will find this review very informative, helping you to make that decision to get your own copy of my book!

I want to also express how thankful I am that a writer of fantasy has been open-minded enough, magnanimous enough, to pick up a book of literature and not only that but to truly give himself to understanding it!


  1. I am gratified by your use of "beautifully-written!" I hope the review is at least some small help in bringing the book to a wider audience; it certainly deserves it.

  2. You must also be gratified in my use of the word "magnanimous" to describe you! It's not a word a throw around carelessly! Happy New Year, Herb Mallette, sir! : )


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