The First Command

The First Command
(January 30, 2012)

I call to you now!
My league of Twenty Thousand!
You who inhaled my breath!
You who knew life again because of my
I call out your names! Each of you!
The golden horses and knights!
The bronze warriors!
And you soldiers!
Hear me now! You who share my
Listen to this command I give you!
Free me from the devourer!
Free me from the great claw
That holds onto my heel!
Crush its shell!
Eat its flesh!
Lay waste of all it’s children!
Eradicate all memory of it!
May it be ever forgotten!
Banish it from me!
Remove it from me!
Replace the clasps on my feet
With pure silk to bind my bruises!
Replace the rope around my ankles
With the caress of precious oils
Oils of rose and saffron!
I unleash you now!
I unleash you onto the beast!
Crush its head
Come and set me free!

Copyright 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Oh Bells, the workings of your beautiful mind never cease to amaze me! This is great!


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