The Woman In The Sunlight

The Woman In The Sunlight

Today I watched a woman walk beneath the sun's rays
I watched her for a few seconds
The strands of hair on her head illuminated under the noontime sun like Swarovski under a bulb
The deep lines around her mouth introduced me to
Her former youth, her wedding day, the birth of her first child (and the second and the third)
The engraved creases in her dark olive skin told me a story of her many laughters, happy moments
I watched small shadows sneak their way underneath strands of her wind-rustled bangs
The evident lines on her forehead welcomed me into her home and
I heard her crying that day when he left her, I saw her sorrow the time she thought she was forgotten!
The wind blew sunlight over her face, pushing aside invisible curtains so I 
Could see herself emerge as she strode down the lane;
The woman's bone structure looked emulsified in determination and confidence
A face molded, sculpted by the hands of Memory and Venture
Sort of a satisfying sensation tingled over my skin
Ah, to smell all the scents of a beautiful soul exhaled to me in the wind!

Copyright 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

*I saw this woman just today, and then I wrote this. 


  1. Very beautiful lines for all those women who go through various experiences in their life..happiness, sorrow, joy. And even after they face something terrible when they see the hope of a new day, a new sunlight they get strengthened and confident.

  2. A powerful experience...thank you for blogging and allowing me to live in you energy!

  3. I was looking through an old journal yesterday morning after I read this and happened across a poem that had a similar origin, a moment when an aging woman's appearance struck me as powerful:

    Her beauty fled, her youth mislaid,
    She found her hair and soul both greyed.
    Which gifts, surrendered, might be regained?
    Which knack, neglected, could she retrain?
    No supple skin would clothe her limbs
    Henceforward, lest it be in dreams,
    But in disuse, strength does not die
    Nor perception flee the eye.
    "Now choose to stand, now choose to see,
    Now buried self return to me."
    The words alone could make naught so --
    But heeding them, she might still grow.
    And in a glade of light and truth
    Embrace again the heart of youth.

  4. Thank you everyone, for all of your comments!

    @Herb Mallette, thank you for sharing that poem! It rhymes! :D Did you write it? It's a lovely poem, bravo! :)

    I think everyone focuses on something different when reading the things I write, personally when I wrote this I wasn't focusing so much on the fact that the woman was aging, but rather on my perceptions and readings of her countenance! :)

  5. I have a teenage predisposition toward rhyming poetry, a habit I find hard to shake, and it results in some of my poetry being wincingly trite. But I thought this one was pretty good, so I'm glad you liked it.

    Your poem did a wonderful job of reading a life from a face, and in some ways is the opposite of mine; mine presumes to make suggestions for the subject's future, where yours graciously explores how the woman's past has led to her present. I think mine yearns for meaning and yours finds it.


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