I Wish To Remain Vain

I was taught that I would be better off desiring joy instead of happiness because joy is divine while happiness is vain. On this plight, I gave up many a chance to be simply happy, as I waited for the more worthy of the two; joy. But then I grew into my own and now I know that it is vain to think oneself too good for earthly things and only accept what is of higher origins. There is no vanity in allowing yourself to become happy, because though happiness is fleeting, it can be found every single day and in all the smallest and most unexpected ways! So now I allow myself to be happy, little insignificant things make me laugh, make my soul fly! If this is vanity, then I am vain and I wish to remain vain! But surely, this is something so divine.

– C. JoyBell C.

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  1. Excellent post!

    Contentment begets happiness, which begets joy. If you wait to jump straight to joy, not only are you cheating yourself of lots of contentment and happiness, but you'll miss out on plenty of joy too, because they're all wrapped up together.


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