Men And My Novella

Upon the completion of my novella, right away I realized that my book would be more appreciated by men rather than women. And I'm not very sure right now if that's a fact, but so far men have many good things to say about my novella. See, in my novella one can't find any confessions of everlasting love à la the Twilight Saga's Edward and Jacob. Nobody's dying at anyone's feet and promising eternal devotion. In fact, I don't even say "dating" or "in a relationship" or "boyfriend" or "she fell in love with him" or "he fell in love with her." My own editor (who was a woman) asked me after reading my manuscript "What is the relationship between Pierre-Auguste and Lucy?" Because in my story, I use the written word to express the process of love, to convey the process of passion. And in real life, more often than not, words so divine usually go unheard and unspoken! Rather, we pick up these things through body language, through our vision, through our senses, and that makes these things, these experiences, more real! More true! It's ironic that I use words to show that words are just words and it's something else that is more genuine. But that's what I did. And my protagonist, my heroine Lucy, she's not the girl who waits for the guys to profess their unwavering and unfaltering desires for her! No, she goes about things on her own terms! And I don't think she'd like it any other way! And so, to wrap this up, what I'm saying is that women more often than men, want to hear the words "you are my girlfriend", "I will love you unto the ends of the earth", "I will never leave you", while men really don't want to put a period at the end of the sentence. Men want to go through the process of experiencing something without it necessarily having to fall into a criteria. And Lucy didn't need things to fall into a criteria for her, she wanted what it was! And what it was, was real! So, I think that *generally, my novella doesn't satisfy the fantasies of women, but it's realistic, and my characters live by their own terms. And I think men are created in a way to find that intriguing, interesting, and a journey that's unforgettable.


‎*I say generally, because there are women who also genuinely appreciate my novella, Saint Paul Trois Châteaux:1948.

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