Skin Deep

Skin Deep
(February 28, 2012)

Is skin deep really "just" skin deep? Or should we be saying "Yes, it is skin deep!" with our chins up firm and proud? Not "Oh it's only skin deep" with our heads bowed as if we are something embarrassing! Why is skin deep just skin deep, when our skin is what binds together our heart and mind and soul? Our skin is our vehicle on this journey we call life, our skin is our home on this planet we inhabit called earth, our skin is what allows us to interact with other people, to feel things like tenderness and pain, softness and roughness, warmth and cold, pleasure and ecstasy! Without our skin, we would not be able to fulfill our destinies on this journey of life! Without the things that are skin deep, we would be dead– unable to interact with the world, unable to learn, to grow, to experience, to walk on the path of destiny! So if beauty is skin deep, is this less of a thing? Why is it not called vanity when they choose to shun that which makes us human, because they think it is not "deep" enough, it is not "worthy" enough? Isn't this the true vanity? Didn't Satan want to become greater than God? He wanted to become God, not man! Where is the vanity in embracing what makes man; man? What is vain in fully becoming a vessel divine? Is it less than divine to recognize one's destiny? One's humanity? Or is it less divine to shun the nature of what it means to live on this earth, thinking that it is not good enough?

People die, because they don't look at their bodies as something worthy enough. They see their bodies as something less worthy of God, when it is God who molded the flesh with His own hands! And so they allow their bodies to fall and fail, thinking this purifies their souls! They don't want to care about what their bodies look like on the outside, because they have little respect for the natural physical attraction between humans, in pursuit of something "higher." I tell you, you must not rip apart a person by dividing body and soul, you are a soul, it is your honor to redeem your body, to never neglect it! To ravish in it and allow it to ravish in all good things!

There is a culture that permeates many places on earth, and that is the culture of materialism, and the body of people who live with such a culture have developed "white blood cells" to fight this invader. The "white blood cells" tell people they are "shallow" they are "vain" and though the mission is correct, the execution is wrong. Materialism has birthed minds that grow into an existence unaware of the nature of the soul, of the essence of the spirit; and raises up a nation of people that have no connection with their own hearts. This is a blindness, this is not a vanity. And blindness cannot be treated by misguided virtue. It's only an awakening that will lead the blind to sight.

People must not be led to death in their quest for true life. Right now, people fall into the way of death and depravity, because of their quest for a higher form of existence.

It's a curious and funny thing when people say "The inside of a person is what matters, because outer beauty will fade, but it's the character and personality of a person that will never change." I laugh. In my experience, I have seen a person remain with the same face for a very long time but change in character many times! Not just one person, many people! All people change their character! In fact, people are never the same person for forever, and if there is such a person on earth, that person is a very rare artifact indeed! And quite boring I would imagine! I have had a friend today become an enemy tomorrow! I have never had a beautiful friend today become an old hag tomorrow! All people change on the inside, you just never know what they might become next!

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