The Status Of A Clam

The Status Of A Clam
(March 29, 2010)

The pirate fondles with his memories
And like air they drizzle in on
The winds sweeping his way from the
Nearby ports, bringing with it the smells
Of freshly caught fish, and these
Memories of ages past
Old and wrought like iron
Drift inwards like sunlight through the
Windows, softly murmuring along the off-white
And there they are
With him now
Captured by his being
Like water pouring over him
The brutes the braves the sweet things
Of the past which now scramble
For their own permanence; their own existence
In this precious mind which slowly
But surely dwindles along with old age
Like clams that are caught up in
The ocean’s tides, washed onto the seashore
And then taken back again into each
Of their lonely statuses.

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. Hey Good post, Charity.

    I guess we learn from each other, Clam, Glam-ourous, a somebody, a nobody, a changing person.

    I am impressed by those sages of old that could walk through a village and change it's evolution
    just by walking through it, and calm the people with his initiates heart. I think the energy of some people is much a teaching as their words.

    There's just some people who are transformative, such as yourself. Well, that's my two cents!

    btw, I am starting with a blog again, (heroically!)

    I'm collecting up my writer friends on the blog, check it out we got 2 subscribers whoever they are...hehe...

    I wanna write and put up on Amazon, too.

    Keep up the good work, my friend!


  2. Oh, this makes me long for the seaside Bells! I'm sorry I've been neglecting you of late. My laptop is playing games with me. Sometimes it refuses to load pages. I am thinking it may be my internet provider or wireless router but it's very frustrating when you're used to having things load rapidly then take 2 minutes to get your email to load. Or not load at all. I am off to catch up on other missed posts!


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