How is it possible...

How is it possible to say, that I am set out on a journey of purity and sanctity? When I have been put inside of flesh and bone? So is ours a God who puts what is holy into what is unholy, and then charges us with an obligation to fight that which is been given to us? So is ours a God who puts a bird of paradise into a cage, telling it that it must prove itself worthy in flight from the confines of the cage? I know of no such God. But I am on a journey of fulfillment and I have been given flesh and bone to accomplish it. Sanctity and purity are found inside of me, in my immortal soul, but this journey of the flesh is every bit as worthy as what I am inside, and if it were not so, then why am I here! There is no reason to think that we are impoverished before God, He is the one who made this flesh and bone!

~ C. JoyBell C.

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