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She does not remorse the dissolving of her marriage; because it is through this process of crumbling that she found a friend. Before they wed, they were never really friends, and while they were married, they never really became friends, but after they decided that their destinies were no longer connected; they did become friends, through this process of coming apart, they came together in a way that was probably meant to be from the very beginning. It was meant to be a great friendship, not a great love nor a great lust, but a great friendship. So what is there to remorse and to mourn, in that? In the divergence of two roads that are each leading to individual destinies, while also revealing the original destiny to begin with? And in the gaining of a friend? There is no remorse in that. The marriage had to be removed, to reveal the friendship.

- Excerpt from unpublished story (untitled)
Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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