The Soul, The Flesh: Do Not Divide Them

I keep on saying this, but I don't understand the attempt that people make to separate love and lust. Must you love one thing, and lust after another thing? I wish to love what I lust and lust what I love. And religion says there must be a division of this, a separation of heart and flesh, but I say, why? A whole being has both heart and flesh, why does religion attempt to diffuse the whole being? To make it less powerful? There is power in the union of both heart and flesh, and I will always believe, that there exists a perfect unity and harmony of love, and of lust, and of beauty. There is a unison of the three, in a single being.

Now, yes, there is a distinction between lust and love, and I never say that love and lust are the same, I only say that flesh and heart need not be separated. Day is not the same as night, yet there would be no day if there were no night and there would be no night if there were no day. I know the difference between day and night, but I do not say "We must cling to the day and eradicate the night!" If every man lusted after what he loved, there would be no crying women, and vice versa. But since man is taught to love one thing and lust another thing, many things are broken. When flesh and soul are broken apart, many things are broken as a result of this!

Which leads us to the question: Which should come first? Night? Or day? Would it make any difference if you were born at nighttime? Or at daytime? Does night precede day? Or does day precede night? Neither, because it is a cycle! Or maybe you fall in love at first sight, and at the same time you fall equally in lust with that same person! Then that would mean you are in between night and day (12 AM) which is isn't any less powerful, perhaps more powerful as this combines the meeting of both night and day! I do believe there is a great "breakage" that is happening in the thoughts of mankind, due to this belief that one must lust after one type of person, and save the love for another type of person, that one must fall in love first, and lust later, or that one must be in love with one thing and then lust after other things on the side! This all creates "breakage" in so many different areas! Broken hearts. Heartache. Now what if every person were innately aligned heart-and-flesh, strongly and powerfully? Then every human would lust what he loves and love what he lusts! It is the destroying and the pulling down and the humiliating and the "public scorn" and the "bringing down to the levels of sin" that is done to lust, that creates all this breakage! Because, you cannot destroy and bring down low one part of you, that is naturally a part of you! But you have to honor what is yours! Honor your lust, bring it up to the levels of how you see your love! Because this is a part of your flesh! The flesh that carries your soul on this earth! And your lust will in turn honor you! It will not lead you astray!

If flesh weren't meant for soul, and soul weren't meant for flesh, in this life on earth, then we wouldn't be soul inside flesh, as we are right now! If it weren't supposed to be so, then it wouldn't be so. There must be a reason why institutions immediately begin to teach us the division of soul and flesh, at a young age. A soul cannot exist on this earth living this journey, without flesh! And flesh is dead without the soul! The two are different, but the two need each other.

They say all evil comes from the working of the flesh, I beg to differ! If goodness and peace and serenity and joy are of the soul, then why are the other unseen things such as evil and worry and anxiety and hate suddenly of the flesh? All unseen things are of the soul! A hateful person is a hateful soul, not a hateful flesh! An evil person is a dark soul, not a fouled flesh! People are afraid of corrupting their souls into evil through the workings of the flesh! But can a soul be corrupted by dirty hands? Or is it a dirty soul that makes the hands do corrupted things? Because if a soul can be corrupted through unwashed hands, how weak, weak, weak is the soul of man! Christ Himself said "You attempt to purify your soul by the washing of your hands?"

So don't chastise your body because it seeks happiness and not joy, because it seeks lust and not love! Your body is what is seen, and it thrives upon what is seen; just as your soul is unseen and thrives upon what is unseen! Now here is your choice: which unseen things to feast upon, and which seen things to welcome!

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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