Winter Bloom

As I've already said in my post below this one, I have been spending much time unearthing hidden things lately (stuff left in boxes gathering dust over the years). Just awhile ago I was compelled to share something I wrote a long time ago, and just now I've found another something of mine! I gave it the title "Winter Bloom" and this was written four years ago! It sounds ever-so-slightly childish to me (because I've grown so much since then) but I think it's worth sharing:

Winter Bloom

She's a single winter bloom. A single bloom in the winter. The only thing of color. A single precious life blossoming in the cold, cold snow. And all around her its lifeless. Lifeless and cold. But all her colors against the stark, white snow seem to make it all better. Seem to make the harsh winter okay.

Sometimes when I touch her, she's frozen. Her petals are frosted and icy to the core. Her stem suspended into a life-like etch against the background snow. And her leaves... her leaves become as brittle as the things around her. But still, still she is rooted and still she alone makes the picture so lovely. She never looses her color.

When the sun comes out, it shines for her. Warms her until her heart beats again. Sunbeams tilt her head up towards the warm sky. And the sun shines for her. Just for her.

Sometimes I feel
like a winter bloom.
A scarlet rose 
in the dead of winter.

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. I absolutely love your written works! I can't always respond to tweets, but please know that I appreciate them, especially coming from you! Have a JOYous summer and keep in touch!


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