The Great Chasm Between God and You

It's so unfortunate how religion can claim so much energy, time, and focus from one's life. How many fights has one had because of the differences of religion? How many times have you destroyed a relationship or lost the opportunity to have a relationship with someone, over religion? How many deaths, wars, heartache, sorrow, has been caused because of religious zeal? So what I'm saying, is that religion removes from mankind the innate ability to be free, to make choices not based upon religious laws, to spend time thinking about worthy things and discovering oneself instead of thinking about "separating" oneself from everything, and to live a life that's right here, right now, not "later on"! And it's such a shame that we are born into this world, as close to God as we will ever be, and yet that liberty is removed from us by people who tell us that we have to do this and go here and go there and say this and not say that and believe this but never believe that; in order to draw nigh to God! Religion has removed man's liberty to be close to his God, in order to say "Come this way and we will show you God." Something that is free, is being held for ransom and is not given freely. I think that we are at a point in time, wherein mankind should be able to rise above religion, and simply allow God in. Imagine if you had a child right in front of you, and however you touched your child, called out her name, tried to embrace her, she still would not believe that you are already there because she's convinced that she still has to strive and search to find you! Imagine how painful that would be for you! This is what religion does between us and God. We are that child, and He is that Father.

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Note: With that been said, I would like to point out that I would never want to hurt someone or to disappoint someone, by pointing out faults in their religion! I believe it is far more valuable not to hurt the innocent soul, than it is to go ahead and point out all the faults in that person's beliefs! There are innocent souls in the world, who attend mass, attend church, attend synagogue, temple, and etc., with a pureness of heart and simple faith; and I think that purity of heart and that simple faith is precious, and is far more weighty than all the dark secrets and the faults in what they put their faith in. God doesn't look at faults, God looks at the state of a man's heart! I myself would take no offense in attending a church, because I don't feel as though church has a bondage over me! That which I do not fear, cannot offend me! In fact, there are many churches I like to be in, because they are just breathtakingly beautiful structures! 

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  1. I just found you and this is beautiful. I'm off to read more!


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