The Theory of "All Apples"

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The Theory of "All Apples"

I was always taught that many things are wrong, many things are bad, many things are evil, and that the only way to stay far away from evil would be to avoid these things/ these people. I teach my son the opposite. I teach my son that things are neutral; things have no essence of good or evil, but the essence of good or evil is produced by the soul! I teach him the theory of "all apples" (my own theory) in which I state that everything is like an apple in your hand. The apple is neither good nor bad, it does not possess the essence of good nor of evil! But it is the hand in which the apple sits, that dictates the outcome of that apple! An apple in your hand can be put to good use; it can be eaten at a right time while fresh and ripe and juicy, or, it can be allowed to spoil and rot in your hand and become infested with mold, mildew, worms! It is what you do with the apple that dictates the outcome of that apple! YOU have given the essence to the apple; the essence of either good or evil doesn't come from the apple itself. It is not the apple that has done good for you but it is you who has done something good with the apple and it is not the apple which has spoiled you, but it is you who has allowed the apple to spoil! And so, all that are things, are simply things. Your Wii games are not evil nor good, it is your discernment for playing that makes your Wii games have either a fulfilling or a detrimental affect on you. That means, if you play your Wii games from day until night when you could be going out and playing sports, being with friends and family, studying, and enjoying life; then you have given the essence of bad to your Wii game. But if you put sports and friends and family and life and laughter first and foremost before your attention to your Wii games, then your Wii games have become a joyful additive to your life! (This also applies to X-Box, of course.) So, it is you who has created something good out of your having Wii games, or an iPad, or an X-Box, or etc! My son understood this as I explained this to him, and from his understanding of this, was able to revolutionize the way he plays games on iPad and Wii. 

I wanted to share my theory with you, because I believe that people are living in fear of the apples themselves, without realizing that they are not born into a world full of powerful things threatening to pollute/ corrupt them; but that they are powerful beings born into a world full of things that they may either pollute and corrupt or bless and benefit from. The essence, is that the power of good or evil lies within you, and it is up to you to bestow that upon anything. Your choice will be, according to the condition of your soul. And it's interesting to note that when a person realizes that it is the hand which bears the apple, that makes the difference, and not the apple itself which is changing the person; suddenly the individual is freed from the feeling of being the victim, as is able to change the way the thing works and is able to change the product of that thing.

Why are people so afraid of the corporeal? It is the lesser that is dependent on what is greater! Never can the greater be dependent upon what is lesser! So if you are greater, then why fear and shun what is lesser? The blessing or the curse is in your hands. The blessing or the curse doesn't come from the thing! Likewise, the goodness or the evil is in your soul! It is not the soul which depends on the washing of the hands, but it is the washing of the hands that depends on the soul!

Looking at this theory of mine from a correlated dimension/ a reciprocal angle, this idea by Epictetus comes to mind:

"Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them." – Epictetus

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*As an end note, I want to add more detail into my Theory of "All Apples"; let's suppose you have been the victim of an evil thing and why is this? you will ask. Well, I believe that there are things created by people who have injected into it the essence of evil. For example, let's say there is a game on X-Box in which you play a psychotic killer who goes around hacking other people up to bits and pieces, what kind of a mind created such a game? What kind of an existence would inject such an evil into a game? And so the thing has been corrupted, and you, eating the corrupted apple, will catch typhoid fever, or dysentery, or die like Snow White! (smiles)

So, it is possible for an apple to be corrupted by another, and fed to you. Simply refuse to eat the apple! In these cases, fortunately, the corrupted apples are quite literally obviously corrupted, it doesn't take much of a guessing game to see what is the product of an evil soul.

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