Let Me Introduce You To Truth

Life is going to be very pitiful, for those who live by the belief that "No one is better, all people are equal." And a person like that is going to have a lesser existence on this planet, because: Life will remind that person over and over again, how wrong that belief is! Because in this world you will meet those who have more than you, there's going to be those who are far more beautiful than you are, far more rich than you are, far more successful, far more loved, far more happy! And if you wake up every day, and deny that truth, life isn't going to hand you any better than you already had! Because that's not how this world functions. There are people that are better, and things aren't equal, that's not how things are, the cosmos doesn't owe you fairness and equality! But stop and think about this for a moment: if everything was equal and fair, and the existence of "better" and "more" was null; what would this world really be like? Everything would align and stop at the same point! And what point would that be? The medieval era when there was no such thing as penicillin? World War 1? World War 2? Or perhaps the beautiful renaissance period? And then every existence on the planet would stop to repeat itself day after day after day, nothing would change, people would always die for the same reasons, wear the same fashion of clothing, have the same mindset (and what mindset would that be, do you think? Of all the mindsets in the world, what would be the designated mindset of everyone on this earth?) And people would always live for the same reasons too, earn the same paychecks, have the same job (and what job would that be, I ask you? What if everyone owned a business? And then who would work for every business? And who would be a doctor? A nurse? A fashion designer?) I tell you this for certain: That if everything and everyone were equal, and "better" wasn't a fact, then hope would be of no use, it wouldn't even exist! Perseverance would be an alien term! Dreams wouldn't happen! The world would never get better, nothing would evolve in any way, and let me ask you this: What would the purpose of life be? It would be: "nothing."

So you see my friends, it is stupidity to shun people that are better than you. It is better to thank them, because they have shown you how to dream, how to hope, how to work hard, how to persevere, they have shown you how it feels to admire (a beautiful state of man is the state in which he admires another), they've also pointed you in the direction of this value called "acceptance"! They have shown you so many things, that someone equal to yourself could never!

It's almost ironic that when an individual is able to realize this (what I've written above), then that person will be able to see the definition of "equality"; then equality will begin to float to the surface! When you realize the concept above, then you'll be able to see the equality in every thing and every one: in that your worker in your store lives a life that is no less important than your life! Because if your worker was also a business owner, then he wouldn't be working for you in your store, and you wouldn't be able to have a successful business! The person who works at McDonald's mopping and disinfecting floors, has a life just as valuable as your own life, because if he were a bank teller like you are, then you wouldn't be able to eat at a clean McDonald's restaurant! It would be filthy! And if all people were bank tellers just like you (if that were the point at which everyone aligned) then there wouldn't even be a McDonald's! We would only have banks! And for what? And how would we even be able to put money in those banks, and why would they even exist? "Purpose" wouldn't even be real! So, every one has a life that is equally valuable. The equality exists in the fact that all lives are equally worth that same amount of respect! The realization of equality is brought forth, by the realization of inequality and the appreciation of it! Because by inequality, there is the abundance of hope, and of dreams, and of PURPOSE.

People say that this concept is "different" and that it is something "interesting" and "new" and I say BY JOVE! how can a common sensical, every day reality become something "different" and "interesting" and "new"? But this has become the case, because people are not allowed to see this everyday, common sensical reality! People have not been living in reality, people have been blinded, people are lied to, people are told that everyone and everything is equal, that nothing and no one is better! Unfortunately, that lie becomes the reality of people and incredibly, the reality becomes the "different" the "something new", the "interesting"! My friends, such is the greatness of the lie! That the truth has become an obscure concept! The common, every day truth that anyone should be able to see with his or her two eyes on his/her face!

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